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Submitted by FailboatSkipper 1010d ago | opinion piece

Tomb Raider - Good Game, Horrible Prequel's Henry McMunn explores how Tomb Raider, the latest entry in a series he's played for a lifetime, let him down on the presentation of Mrs Croft herself. (Crystal Dynamics, PC, PS3, Square Enix, Tomb Raider 2013, Xbox 360)

Kingthrash360  +   1010d ago
great game, great prequel. only going to get better. loved the game and hoping for a dlc.
colonel179  +   1010d ago
Exactly! The series is setup to become great. This one was a great introduction and the next one has a great potential, especially being on the next consoles.

Things can only get better
IAMERROR  +   1010d ago
What? I honestly thought it was an amazing prequel.
dboyc310  +   1010d ago
Think the story could have been a lot better. The thing I enjoyed the most out of the game was the gameplay. It was fun yet simple. Hopefully on the next game they have a better way of tackling the narrative and making it interesting.
Kamikaze135  +   1010d ago
That's how I feel. I really hope we get a sequel so,liar to this experience.
lonesoul65  +   1010d ago
I thought the gameplay and the story really held up well. I'm excited to take another adventure with Lara in the future.

The last 15 minutes felt a touch rushed but maybe that is just me.

If you had a chance to play it on he PC in 3D then you were for sure treated to one of the best experiences in gaming...well...ever. I highly recommend this if you have it available to you.
Dlacy13g  +   1010d ago
Dear Journalist / author, I am fairly certain this game is NOT a prequel but rather a reboot of the franchise....and a fantastic one at that.
showtimefolks  +   1010d ago
This is the state on gaming media my friend they will say whatever to get hits

Tomb Raider is a reboot and for the 1st game it was an excellent entry, now I am hopefully the sequel will see huge improvements. I am hoping this is like uncharted 1-2 different, uncharted 1 was great but had room for improvement and than UC2 set new bar for single player story and polish

Now TR2 I hope is the same way improvements wise

People need to stop hating HD recognize a very good game when they see one
febreeze1  +   1010d ago
For me uncharted 1 was meh and I wasn't looking forward to uncharted 2 but still bought it. The leap between those two games was like a next gen leap. Tomb Raider is better than most games this gen and cannot wait for the second.
showtimefolks  +   1010d ago

Well you look at UC and it came out of no where, I don't remember much advertisement. The 2 main complains I remember we're shooting feels loose and game is too short

But what ND archived with UC2 like you said t was like a next gen leap. It deserved all those record number GOTY awards it got

Now here is what you have to remember UC1 came out a while back and systems tech was new and people were still figuring out, in a way Indiana jones and TR are the reason uncharted exist but than UC series is the reason why TR got a reboot. ND showed what people need in a action adventure game and SE saw how well UC series sold overall

Story was way too short in TR like the first UC
The main character is developed but everyone else I'm TR let under developed and shallow
She went from not being able to know what to do to a killing machine and that was a big disconnect
And if you gonna add MP polish it otherwise make it single player only an game length 12-15 hrs. Single player games can be successful just look at bioshock infinite

So while TR reboot was good it has huge room of improvements And now the prospect of next gen consoles make it even better so can't wait to see and play how well the next game turns out to be
Pizza  +   1010d ago
This is a great game.

I advise the author think twice before he write this kind shit.
matrixman92  +   1010d ago
how is it a prequel when absolutely nothing else that has happened matters
XishikiX  +   1010d ago
it's not a prequel to any of the other games... The article tries to disguise a topic that's been discussed with a misleading title.

it's a reboot/origin story of a new universe.

You can argue about what the gameplay should/should not be in a tomb raider game. But that topic has been done many times, and this article does less than most articles did at the time of this games release.
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Williamson  +   1010d ago
I enjoyed this game a lot! But After I finished it along with the challenges/collecting the various items I have not touched it. I have not played the multiplayer nor do I want to, I would love some single player dlc tho.
kneon  +   1010d ago
It's just as well that you skipped the multiplayer because it's kind of crappy. This is the only game I can think of where you can create a private match, play alone and still collect xp, money and trophies.
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My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante  +   1010d ago
What was it a prequel to? I know it says "Tomb Raider" but from what I played it was just some whiny girl putting 1000 bullets into people and killing animals for XP.

I remember playing REAL Tomb Raider games where you are actually raiding tombs so I'm not sure WTF this is a prequel to.
Hicken  +   1010d ago
Why are you even still allowed to post?
fsfsxii  +   1010d ago
I agree with him. TR went the Uncharted way, not saying thats it bad, but it isn't the TR we know. Not supposed to be.
Coolmanrico  +   1010d ago
I still think some people didn't get that the whole island was basically a tomb.
jc48573  +   1010d ago
wait, this is a prequel?
maddfoxx  +   1010d ago
Its an origin story and a great set up to what could be an amazing series. Didn't read the article because I dont like to give any of these websites hits.
4lc4pon3  +   1010d ago
Tomb raider was stunning. It was an amazingly done reboot
AllThingsShining  +   1010d ago
While Tomb Raider was an amazing game it was just Uncharted. If Tomb Raider fans playing this were hoping for any of what made the originals great they were inevitably disappointed.
Krosis  +   1010d ago
It was a fun game; all that matters to me.
gamer7804  +   1010d ago
a well-made game, but a TR game in name only.
Dfooster  +   1010d ago
The articles title says its a good game, but then goes on to say the problem with the game was in fact the gameplay.

In fact I tend to agree with the article, TR needs puzzles, Lara croft has never been about killing bad guys to me, it's about discovery and exploring but ever since TR2 the body count has been steadily rising. Lara isn't a killer, she kills when absolutely necessary but she's an explorer not a murderer.

They need to sort this out for the next one!!
azshorty2003  +   1010d ago
It was a really good game. I was a little disappoint in the Tombs though. I was expecting them to be much bigger. Instead they were just one puzzle each.

The rest of the game was great. Although I thought it would be a little harder with less ammo laying around. Instead you ran around like freaking Rambo because ammo caches were Everywhere. After like the second stage, I didn't even need the Bow anymore other then for puzzles.
famoussasjohn  +   1010d ago
This game was great. It was actually one of the few games that actually made me want to go back and 100% it. Really hope the story DLC is coming soon, that would just make this game even better.

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