GameSpy: Warhammer Online Hands-on with the Dark Elves

GameSpy writes: "On the surface, the Warhammer fantasy world is pretty tough to distinguish from legions of other Tolkien-inspired fantasy universes out there. It's got your orcs, your dark and light elves knights in shining platemail and loads of magical spells flying around. What makes the universe -- and by extension the Mythic MMO take on it -- so special is the world's personality, a sort of "black comedy" take on the fantasy genre. Dark Elves in the Warhammer universe aren't just evil -- they're depraved, insane, arrogant, self-righteous and possessed of a singularly bizarre sense of humor. GameSpy recently got a chance to play around in the Dark Elf starting area of Warhammer Online where we discovered that not only was Mel Brooks right ("Tragedy is I get a hangnail. Comedy is you fall into an open manhole and die."), it gets even funnier for a Dark Elf when they're the one that pushes you in."

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