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12 Gamers we hate playing with

GamesRadar - They're out there. The crybabies, the douchebags, and the whiners--the people who know the perfect way to spoil your otherwise enjoyable gaming experience. No matter what precautions you take these bottom-feeders end up making it into your online game lobby, and proceed to ruin your experience. They could be smartass trolls, immature children, or just naturally inclined to be an obnoxious turd. Whatever their motivations, having them in your game is a surefire way to instantly put you into a mad scramble for the mute button. (Culture)

Snookies12  +   712d ago
I recall playing Halo 3 back in the day. This one kid on there kept yelling every profanity he could. You could tell he hadn't hit puberty yet by the sound of his voice... I stopped playing for a while after that, it's a real deterrent to me personally. I'd like to play mature games with mature people. Though I suppose that's a bit naive. There are just too many idiots out there for that to be a reality lol.
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showtimefolks  +   712d ago
I don't know but I am more of a single player gamer and even when I do play online is Killzone or resistance other than that not much else

When insomniac left out 8 player co-op in resistance 3 that was my goodbye to the series. Can't wait for next Killzone hopefully it will be a good mixture of Killzone 2-3

My experience with Killzone 2-3 on ps3 was a mature crowd playing it, I am happy ther is COd which requires no skills so all the kids are playing it and leaving other GREAT FPS alone.(not saying COD isn't great,give the game it's due it's very good pick up and play FOS)
BiggCMan  +   712d ago
I feel the same way about the co-op from Resistance 2 (dunno about saying goodbye to the series though, 3 was a much better story).

That mode was the best I have ever played in any multiplayer game. Everything was perfect, and everyone ALWAYS worked together in it. I love how no single class could get through a match on it's own, you absolutely NEEDED at least one medic, soldier, and spec-op guy to succeed.

That is very hard to find these days with many games making one class over powered and over used. I feel like playing that now, think I will get on it tomorrow to see if it's alive.
showtimefolks  +   712d ago
Yeh I shouldn't have said goodbye, I will support resistance but I think Sony is putting it on hold if I am not wrong

That 8 player co-op was magical

Like you said either work together or die and it was 99.9% of the times working together part. I hope we see that mode going forward in some other game maybe if there isn't a resistance game soon how about including it in Killzone
strauser360  +   712d ago
Party chat is your friend.
3-4-5  +   711d ago
Mute...I've come to really appreciate it.

All Boys ages 10-14 think they are the coolest person in the world and they are all cocky and ignorant.

^ This just happens to make up about 40% of people in online games though so it becomes noticeable.

I would love to see insta-bans for stuff like that.

Yes the online gaming community would shrink a bit, but we would not have to deal with a whole segment of ignorant people in society.
Evil_Ryu  +   712d ago
for me the worst is wigger teens who are blasting hip hop music through there microphone and cussing every second word.
avengers1978  +   712d ago
Or the ones that start rapping... Can't stand that... Thank god for mute
Klonopin  +   712d ago
Can't stand wiggers.
Are_The_MaDNess  +   712d ago
these guys have never played a MOBA game apparently.
you dont even know what hate for a player is until you have played it for quite some time.............
ExCest  +   712d ago
Well, their anger is slightly justified since MOBA games are highly competitive. It breeds competitive players who want to win and people who bring them down are a nuisance to them which gets them angry, making them a nuisance to others.
DS36  +   712d ago
only 12???
kneon  +   711d ago
There are people who fit into several categories at once so the possible number of combinations is pretty big.
SonyPS4  +   712d ago
I am considering getting into PC gaming and play online there. That way there would be less chances of running into 8-year old kids that swear more than every adult gamer I know...
NarooN  +   712d ago
I've been on PC for years and trust me, there's still a lot of kids there too. Not nearly as much, but still a lot.
Qrphe  +   711d ago
There are underage kids everywhere. Maybe because you haven't played, but there are plenty of horror stories from CS and TF2.
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guitarded77  +   712d ago
So basically they hate gaming with EVERYONE!!! Sure, there's a lot of asshats online, but everyone can be annoying (including myself). That's why I prefer playing with my friends in a private party/squad. That way we can be ourselves and not worry about some oversensitive douche judging us. However, I do hate the "DJ" more than any other gamer. I don't want to hear your crappy music being sent through a crappy mic to my $150 headset. Not only does it sound awful, it's always horrible music.
ChipChipperson  +   712d ago
Here's two the list forgot, The Idler and The Intentional Team Killers.
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Zcarnut  +   712d ago
Dont forget "annoying kid who wants everyone to see this glitch", which often leads to Intentional Team Killer.
Zcarnut  +   712d ago
Most annoying to me is the underage punks (playing a M rated game), who think they need to swear every other word to seem more...adult?
Makes me want to slap their parents twice.One for buying them the game. The second is letting junior talk to strangers completely unsupervised. Hey look..Theres a van out front of your house with "free candy" plastered on the side of it. Might as well help them get in it.
Also the "guy who plays music over the mike constantly" will turn me into a "Leaver" quickly. Had some clown once who thought everyone wanted to hear a comedy routine by some comic I never heard of.
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ACESupERIC  +   712d ago
I hate the pre-match shit talkers the most. They get in your lobby and immediately start running their mouth. After you start whuppin their ass they leave and send messages challenging you to a one one one match. Hello?! I'm playing a team game for a reason. I have a friend who made a lag switch for just such occasions. Its hilarious to watch him use it on people like that.
Embolado  +   712d ago
Nice to see GR still keeping up with the week of hate. In truth I stopped visiting that site once they lost Brett & Chris A, some of the best podcasts I have ever listed to.
Upbeat  +   712d ago
The complete and utter C**ts that still play mw2, noob tubing with one man arming, honestly it has taken Years of my life expectancy.
KrimsonKody  +   712d ago
I remember the real babies type from back in the day, when there was'nt save points & wired controllers...
Aargh, no more wired controllers!
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Magnus  +   712d ago
Id say stupid racist kids, people who yell, people who blare stupid music, and people who single out a girl player and harass her when she wants to enjoy the game. Those are people I don't like.
iliimaster  +   712d ago
what about the cry babys with capture cards ready to log into a forum and complain till they change the game how they like it? gears of war judgement has had over 8 major updates to multilayer within 2 months of being out because of this is this the future of gaming? complain till it suits u instead of adapting to the style of the game
GuruStarr78  +   712d ago
I play some games online...

What's really sad and upsetting is that there are ALOT of underage kids playing games they shouldn't be playing.. you can obviously tell that they're underage by their voices..

Where the hell are the parents? Why are they letting their kids play some of these games?
CanadianTurtle  +   712d ago
There is nothing more punishing to the ears than a 10 year old kid yelling rubbish over the mic on a "Mature" rated game. When I buy a game with my hard-earned cash and it has the rated "M" symbol on it; I expect to be playing with adults.

Heck, I don't even mind 15 year olds, as long as they're civilized and not annoying.

I play Halo Reach and it makes me furious because there hasn't come a day where I didn't hear kids screaming over the mic.

Yea, yea, I know. Just hit the mute button. But it just doesn't make a difference because I'm still playing with kids in the end...
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nix  +   712d ago
they forgot "Losers" and that would be people like me... we would be the reason your team lost. q:
LogicStomper  +   711d ago
Don't worry, everyone starts off at that point.
SuperK  +   712d ago
Dumb fagot racists. Always headshot those fools. Kids that yell and blast music.
GodsPerfectK7ng  +   711d ago
call of duty players are the worst, screaming/singing kids, campers, and trolls lol!!!!:)
Peanuts110  +   711d ago
They left out Trash Talkers. The guy/gal who has every come back imaginable.
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HonestDragon  +   711d ago
All I have to say is thank goodness there is a mute option. Some moron on the other end of the country can be mouthing off or blasting Soulja Boy tracks and I don't have to hear a thing. It's a wonderful type of bliss.
bluetoto  +   711d ago
so you people complaining about what you hear over the mic don't have a mute button? they put it there for a reason.
I swear you people love to complain about things you have control over. so annoying.

here's a tip, mute is your friend. then you wouldn't have to listen to the oh so terrible hip hop music or the wigger rap that just turns you red in the face.

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