How to Get Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold for Free on the PSN

"If you missed out on yesterdays God of War 1 & 2 error, it seems that another game can be obtained for free too." - JPS

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L6RD7BLU31781d ago

Lets see if this works, i'll update

R3DRAIN891781d ago

UPDATE: as of now it does not work,takes you straight to "purchase for $7.99" that being your only option.

-Mika-1781d ago

Both of you are really selfish for even trying this...

Mounce1780d ago

And Mika is still forever alone and forever unliked...

Buuhan11780d ago

For those who might be disappointed that they missed out on a free game, keep in mind it is a PlayStation Move Required game. Cannot be played without the Move.

LOL_WUT1780d ago

Damn it too late that's twice! ;)