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Capcom Disappointed with Current Sales Numbers

Capcom has reported their official earnings for its 2013 fiscal year, and it didn’t look very good for the company. While sales numbers did go up 14.6% when compared to last year for a total profit of about $950 million, their net income dropped a whopping 55.8% compared to 2012. (Capcom, Industry)

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ApolloTheBoss  +   883d ago | Well said
Hmm...Well there's this thing, Capcom, called "Appealing to your consumer base, by giving them what they ask for." Don't know if you've heard of it.
Snookies12  +   883d ago
No. No, they've definitely NEVER heard of that. I can guarantee that one lol.
ElitaStorm  +   883d ago
i wish i had bubbles like you
NYC_Gamer  +   883d ago
That's not going to be easy since most of the original developers have left Capcom
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booni3  +   883d ago
It's laughable to think that they expected big sales for DmC when flocks of fans cried foul right up until the game released. You made your bed Capcom. Now it's time to lay in it.
-GametimeUK-  +   883d ago
At least it was a good game and stayed true to the genre. Resident Evil on the other hand...
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   882d ago
I won't say it's a bad game or a bad fast paced hack'n'slash, it's highly personal, but is it a good Devil May Cry? I think that's the point.
-GametimeUK-  +   883d ago
There is nothing wrong with expanding to accomidate a more diverse audience. Unfortunately, Capcom have done it all wrong. I agree that they should cater to their loyal fans.

I am disappointed in Capcom and that is why I have not bought their games. Instead of making their franchises unrecognisable to their fanbase they should either create spin offs or a new IP.
princejb134  +   883d ago
Capcom disappointed their fans by not giving them what they want
As well as re releasing the same games with new characters and slapping full retail price on them
Shame on you capcom
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showtimefolks  +   883d ago
On disk DLC
Charging for every little thing
Canceling Megaman
Releasing same game with DLC for $40 within 8-9 months or original release
Messing up resident evil franchise
Becoming greedy bastards
Most of your home grown talent that made you a fan favorite have either left you for western publishers or have formed their own studios in Japan
Sequels,sequels and more sequels
One of your most talent developer had to hide dead rising from company till it was 50% done in fear of it being cancelled
Rebooting DMC and making fun of or being arrogant towards DMC fans
Making so many versions of Street Fights that I stopped counting
Charging for character which were on the disk

capcom keep this up and you will be going out of business in near future. It's so sad that not that long ago capcom was a fan favorite and now they can't do nothing right.

Also releasing new dragon dogma game for $40 while not offering the expansion to those who already have the game via DLC so making just the DLC part $40

Releasing real ending to Asua Wrath via DLC only

I mean what's wrong with you?

Listen to your fans for once and get back to greatness, otherwise I hope y'all go out of business in hope of anther publishers picking up some IP's and doing justice to them

Japanese publishers are just stupid and totally out of touch with west, they expect their games to sell millions upon millions and when it doesn't than hey blame the fans. Manage your talent and budget better and Mae development faster so you don't need to sell 5 million copies just to break even

Tomb raider selling 3.4 million within first month and SE complaining yet most games if they get to 3.4 million its considered a huge success.
hazelamy  +   883d ago
they've heard of it, it's just not something they want to have anything to do with.
3-4-5  +   883d ago
They should be disappointed in their leadership and whoever makes decisions around there.
IAmLee  +   883d ago
Surely they seen this coming?
jc48573  +   883d ago
just announce Dead Rising 3 already.
Enemy  +   883d ago
Yeah that should ensure their survival and make things right again, another generic zombie game!

Seriously, Capcom have been digging their graves for years now. They don't care what trash they put out. They don't care what their fans think. They continue to ruin their best franchises so obsessively it almost seems like they're doing it on purpose. They deserve no sales.
jc48573  +   883d ago
as far as I can say, I don't care about Capcom because I've lost hope for the company. I just think is unfair to alienate Blue Castle (now Capcom Vancouver) when that company has great potential.
majiebeast  +   883d ago
1 game can change it Marvel vs Starwars vs Capcom or Rival schools 3. Less crap like SFXTK.
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wishingW3L  +   883d ago
Megaman X9!
Marvel vs DC!
Magnus  +   883d ago
Bring me Breath of Fire and a Great Maximo game
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BoNeSaW23  +   883d ago
YES! Maximo HD collection!
Dark11  +   883d ago
"Dragon’s Dogma was another big hit for the company and “became a greater-than-expected hit product in the domestic market, which has high profitability, and became an unprecedented million seller in the recent years as an original title.”"

This is really a good news , i love Dragon’s Dogma
it's one of the best RPG games ever.
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Xandet  +   883d ago
Definitely. Through all the mistakes and pisspoor business practices, Capcom actually knocked that one out of the park.
CourierSix  +   883d ago
Another Zelda game would be nice...
Eamon  +   883d ago
majiebeast  +   883d ago
They made Minish cap,4 swords adventures and Oracles of ages/seasons.
Eamon  +   883d ago
Ahh you're right! I had no idea.
TheBossMan  +   883d ago
Hopefully Remember Me doesn't suck. Having both a new studio and a new IP succeed would be nice, though they're definitely fighting against the odds.
BuffMordecai  +   883d ago
I'm disappointed with Capcom in general.
DragonKnight  +   883d ago
I got news for you Crapcom, gamers are disappointed with you. Until that changes, you will continue to be disappointed with your sales numbers.
GABRIEL1030  +   883d ago
Capcom Disappointed with Current Sales Numbers...
Me too, with the bored games like RE 6 and Dmc.
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spok22  +   883d ago
Also disappointed with the LACK of games. Such as Monster Hunter for vita...
breakpad  +   883d ago
...i feel SO satisfied with their loss... ONE thing Capcom only 1 ONE fucking thing ..cut the bullshits-> release Monster Hunter to SOny consoles ,REMAKE Resident evil as it was before 4,NO crap dlc moves,erase completely from your memory the new DMC and give us the fucking old (japanese made )Devil May Cry ...and dont try to imitate Dark Souls with your new VERY WELL made IP Dragons dogma....you know what i mean Dark Arisen ;)
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TuxedoMoon  +   883d ago
Well, capcom's consumer relationship has been extremely shaky this tail end of the generation. Many of the capcom games I played just felt incomplete or bare (MVC3+SFxTK) or were actually good...but then Capcom found some way to kill it (Asura's Wrath DLC REAL ENDING).

Capcom has screwed themselves over with shady DLC practices, killing off a gaming icon (megaman), and changing their games drastically to appeal to casual gamers (RE5-6 and DmC:dmc). They've pissed off way too many (western) fans.
yewles1  +   883d ago
"Devil May Cry and Monster Hunter 3 though we both hits, but failed to sell well."

Are those THEIR words? If so, that's dizzying...
Soldierone  +   883d ago
Cry about sales, blame it on pirates, people not buying a game, used games, etc....

However don't ever admit your own product sucks, prices are too high, or you are ripping us off with DLC plans..... lol
coolasj  +   883d ago
Looks like that boycott thing is working. Let's see if they stop blaming their customers and actually give us what they want. Reasonable prices, less DLC.
Max-Zorin  +   883d ago
We're disappointed in them for rebooting certain games when there was nothing wrong with them, trying to hide content on the disc and then try to play the victim after getting exposed, killing their mascot and then started trolling the fans, and the whole list goes on.
-MD-  +   883d ago
Bring Dragons Dogma to PC, make the next Resident Evil game the completely opposite of RE 5/6.
HexxedAvenger  +   883d ago
Monster Hunter on the Vita
Bring back old Dante, tho the new one was aight... I prefer the old Dante.
Stop with so much DLC
For the love of god! Support the blue bomber! People want Megaman!
KwietStorm  +   883d ago
Here's an idea. When you reach out to the fans and ask what they want, leading them to believe that their input is valued and they will get what they want, THEN GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT.
Derek-Flint   883d ago | Spam
Plagasx  +   883d ago
Perhaps they should start making proper Resident Evil games then.
ZeekQuattro  +   883d ago
Capcom is hurting. The only other games they are releasing this year are Lost Planet 3, Duck Tales, and Resident Evil Revelations. I also remember reading in another article that they canceled a lot of their 2014-2015 projects which makes me think they won't be jumping on the PS4/Xbox next anytime soon at least not with their big name titles.
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kenoh   883d ago | Spam
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sherimae2413  +   883d ago
hope you can fix this mess that you have solely created, capcom....
rataranian  +   883d ago
Good! Bitches! Give me Mega Man or DIE!
josephayal  +   883d ago
Street Fighter 5 PS4/720 plz
Chevalier  +   883d ago
How about putting Monster Hunter on the PS3? You know how ridiculous the sales were on the PSP, but, Capcom decides not to bring that success to the PS3 with a new game? Instead they decide to put it on the Wii U?! So put one of the top capcom franchises on the system that moved 3.5 million units instead of the one that is near 80 million?! Yeah I'm going to guess the sales would be disappointing.
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