EDGE REVIEW: Condemned 2: Bloodshot

Edge writes: "Condemned 2: Bloodshot is happy to wallow in senseless filth. Gone is the taut direction, the visceral combat and the creeping menace of the original, replaced by a more traditionally violent videogame, juvenile and absurd.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot has plenty of problems, many involving hero Ethan Thomas. The first game's troubled detective, ruined by his hunt for psychopath Serial Killer X, is now a tramp, waking drunk in an alleyway. You discover soon enough that he's a lost cause – a delirious, boorish and emotionally bankrupt thug. He has nothing in common with his former self. He has nowhere to go and little to say. A perfect symbol, it transpires, for the game itself. Physically, he's unrecognizable, less a pedestrian cop than a frightful concoction of Sam Fisher and Yoda, with bandaged hands and a vomit-stained T-shirt. Even when he's reunited with his colleagues and sent after a recovered SKX, he never acts like a man with hope, an agenda or an ounce of passion."

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barom3922d ago

ouch, I think those guys at edge think too highly of themselves.

Seems no games is good enough for them.

toaboa3922d ago

selfappointed creme de la creme of videogame judges :-D.

THWIP3922d ago

While he has some valid points, 5/10 is too harsh...but par for EDGE. This game is a 7.5/10 , at worst. I definitely like the first better, but that's true of MOST franchises...even movies.

KidMakeshift3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

I would give the first one a B and the sequel a C.

Jesus Christ Condemned 2 was dark. The flashlight isn't enough. I didn't like the level design so much this time around. I thought the bear chase was ridiculous and fun, but I was rather bored for the most part. They changed things up too much this time around, and the story was so freakin convoluted and incohesive

And OMG the catscan segment was one of the worst experiences I've ever had gaming. Who thought the distortion effects was a good idea while being shot and attacked?

bastardo3921d ago

I believe that this game deserves more credit, I played it and finished it, though the history does not make much sense, I enjoyed everything else, it is not trying to be a halo 3(thank god for that) instead youll find that it is one of a kind I believe that you people should be grateful for having these type of games and pray they make more. Conlusion....
1. It is not the best fps on the market, but it is the best fps survival horror game available if not the only one i think (for the xbox360 at least).
2. The people who review this game they are spoiled and they should continue playing halo 3 and stop calling themselves journalist.

at least give it a try my recommendation is to Play it alone at night for a better experience trust me it is a really creepy game.

rmedtx8883921d ago

This is one of the lowest scores I have seen for this game. Maybe the reviewer is not into horror games. I pre-ordered this game months ago. I have great expectations for it.

Superiorrior3921d ago

Destructoid gave it a 3/10, I personally think whoever reviewed it did it for hits, because no way a game like this just deserves 3/10 at least EDGE was decent enough to give them a passing mark.