'No Dramatic shift in the way you pay for Games Next Gen', Expects Kotick

Activision CEO not expecting the way you pay for games to change

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PopRocks3591355d ago

Now I'm conflicted... I don't know whether he actually believes it or if it's because he wants this scenario so they can continue to innovate Call of Duty as little as possible.

SpideySpeakz1355d ago

So he can continue to milk CoD without working too hard. Hmm

Pintheshadows1355d ago

I expect i'll use money like everyone else.

mamotte1355d ago

Oh well, that's sad. I was expecting to pay for a full game, like the old times, instead of paying half the game in disc, and half in DLC.

-GametimeUK-1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Many games are paid in full for a complete experience. In a lot of circumstances DLC is just additional content. I would rather have DLC than purchase a game like MGS3 Subsistence (because I already own Snake Eater).

papashango1355d ago

Don't remember 4 hour campaigns being the norm before this gen. So I'm gonna call bs

mydyingparadiselost1355d ago

Exactly. The dramatic shift has already happened and it's been screwing all of us for awhile now.

josephayal1355d ago

i dont care, mr kotic plz take my money

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