GameZebo: Survivalcraft Review

GameZebo: It can be very easy to shout "clone!" and refuse to play a game based on the fact that its screenshots and general outline appear to be copied directly from another video game. Sometimes, however, a game heavily inspired by another can bring some great, unique ideas to the surface that really make us question the original concept.

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bronxsta1843d ago

I don't think this is a fair review.

1) My opinion is that Minecraft is just the most well known game in an upcoming genre. Just like FPS's share similar controls, mechanics, aesthetics, and themes, so does this new genre of block-based creative sandboxes.

2) Yes Minecraft on PC or 360 is superior to Survivalcraft but when compared to the Pocket Edition, Survivalcraft is superior and much closer to Minecraft proper, thanks to infinite worlds, electric tools like wires, buttons, and logic gates, horses and saddles, cave systems and caverns.

3) Survivalcraft also has a more realistic atmosphere. Rather than skeletons, zombies, and monsters, SC focuses on real species. Weather brings lightning that can burn down trees or strike you or animals. In the next update, the game will have more expansive survival features than Minecraft: need of a compass to find your way home rather than a magic map, lack of sleep causing blackouts, ability to get winded (stamina).

4) The developer constantly updates the game and adds content that the community has directly requested.

For these reasons, I feel that Survivalcraft is the better game than Minecraft Pocket Edition. If you look at forums, the overwhelming consensus is that Survivalcraft is the game the Pocket Edition should have been

ElementX1843d ago

I enjoyed survivalcraft and it's far superior to Minecraft PE, however I got tired of playing on my 5" phone screen so I erased it.