DriveClub will push "beyond arcade and simulation racing"

VVV: "DriveClub is undoubtedly breathtakingly beautiful to look at from what we've seen so far, but we want to know what it's like to actually play as a driving experience. As Evolution's above statement suggests, DriveClub will seemingly weave between the lines of simulation and arcade with a driving model that's "accessible and fun and social, but is nevertheless breathtaking to look at and sophisticated and deep at the same time as it’s accessible." Sounds a bit like Grid 2, then."

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Godz Kastro1893d ago

This is actually looking good.

Kurisu1893d ago

Agreed. However I'm still holding out for a new MotorStorm for the pure arcade experience. Even though DriveClub is mixing in both arcade and sim I think it might be a bit too sim for my liking, and from a personal standpoint I just don't find games like GT / Forza fun. I can't judge DriveClub until I've played it though, which is why I'm making this my first software purchase with the PS4.

brandonb211893d ago

is there free roam in the game?

WeAreLegion1893d ago

I wish, but I don't think they're doing that. :/ A nice little mode with a "road trip" type of feel would be pretty cool though...or even a Burnout: Paradise kind of setting.

Still, this game is going to be awesome.

abzdine1893d ago

Evolution Studio is bringing some racing awesomeness! I cannot wait to try this game