WhatIfGaming Reviews: Rainbow Six Vegas 2

WhatIfGaming writes:

"Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is freaking brilliant. As a tactical thriller series, the original Rainbow Six Vegas led us through a harrowing journey into the onslaught of crime and corruption in a fictional Las Vegas. Sure, there's still crime in real life Vegas, but not the hostage situation type. Through the eyes of Logan Keller, one of the Rainbow Six, we shot a couple of bad guy's and saves a couple of sweethearts, all to have the story ended with a harrowing "to be continued." Aggravating! We know it was, and we were on the edge of our seats waiting to find out what happens. The interesting part about the sequel is that it doesn't just place readers right after that state. The story of Vegas 2 picks up before, during, and after the events that made up the original to add a level of excitement in a J.J. Abrams sort of way. On top of everything, the game pleases with a whole slew of multi-player settings including extensive co-op gameplay, all of which make Rainbow Six Vegas a far better thought out game than it's predecessor with the exception of a few flaws.

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