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Sandmano1534d ago

looks great cant wait to see multiplayer.

ironfist921534d ago

You are whats wrong with gaming.

This series didnt have MP, doesnt need MP, and never ever does.

Campy da Camper1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Maybe I'm wrong but those don't look in game to me. They look like art pieces. Any ding dong can make a neat drawing. What matters to me is the actual art design, graphics and game play as it will be in the final build.

Gravitic1533d ago

Once again, these are not new. Seen them weeks ago, courtesy of BatmanArkhamVideos.

khan_saab1533d ago

the photos look good one thing that popped out to me is that the the art style of these photos do not resemble the art style that is used in the other two Arkham game. It be interesting to see the direction that WB Montreal will take with this game.