Penny Arcade Podcast Kickstarter Funded within One Minute

Earlier today, Mike Krahulik, co-creator of the popular comic series Penny Arcade, announced that the Penny Arcade podcast would be returning as long as it reached its goals of...wait for it... $10 on Kickstarter. In a stunning surprise to no one, the project was fully funded within one minute of Krahulik's tweet.

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majiebeast1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

The kickstarter scams are becoming better and better each day. First we had Sarkeesian who played her own damsel in distress card got herself a nice 120k and made a crappy video with no production value close to even a 1000. Then came Susan Wilson who threw her sons under the bus just so she could cash in on gender issues and she was already a millionaire at that. and now Penny Arcade who have more then enough cash to fund their own podcast from all that pax money among other things.

Not the first Penny arcade kickstarter the first one was to remove the ads from their own site.

At this point im just waiting for the Blizzard kickstarter to remove the RMAH from Diablo 3 for only 5million dollars.

Blablabla fool and his money blablabla.

AboutLastNight51962d ago

They've been arguing on twitter about not being able to sustain the costs of the podcast, hence the kickstarter. And the whole comic strip they made about this very subject, has been popping up quite a bit in convo.

armycore1962d ago

They are utterly full of crap saying they "can't fund a podcast." A podcast takes two mics and free software, that's it. Hell, they could do a podcast with the video cameras they have and just post that and rip the audio to put on iTunes. This is downright pathetic.

febreeze11962d ago

kickstarter is not a scam. People who are stupid with their money scam themselves and themselves only. I only kickstart games such as dreamfall which I know they need funding since their publisher funcom won't fund the project....