Activision Blizzard First Quarter Calendar 2013 Results

Activision Blizzard, Inc.(Nasdaq: ATVI) today announced better-than-expected financial results for the first quarter of 2013.

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bicfitness1629d ago

1.3 million subs down on WoW - lowest its been since BC. Time to find a new teat to milk. Hope Titan is successful for them or they're kinda screwed on that revenue stream.

NYC_Gamer1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

I'm still surprised Wow has 8 million+ paying customers

Snookies121629d ago

As am I, coming from someone who played for 6+ years. That game has gone to crap man...

GREW50ME1629d ago

Don't forget that they are including several million gold farmers in this number.

Dan_scruggs1629d ago

Yeah. Now that they are only making 100 million a month on WOW subs it's like totally not even worth it anymore. Right? That's barely enough money to buy a small country. Man what are they gonna do?