Watch the Xbox Reveal Event Live on IGN

IGN has big plans for the next-gen Xbox reveal on May 21, and you can watch the entire thing right here. Please join us at 9am Pacific (12pm Eastern) on May 21 for pre-show speculation and a look back at the Xbox 360 before diving into Microsoft's announcements.

Ryan McCaffrey and Daemon Hatfield will be joined by a very special guest for two hours of post-reveal discussion, speculation, conversation, and interviews with game developers and IGN fans alike. Who's the guest, you ask?

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AngelicIceDiamond1714d ago

Lol is right. I'll just stick to watching it on spike Tv.

Jek_Porkins1714d ago

Think I'll stick to the high def Xbox Live Player.

fattyuk1714d ago

I don't have the option as I'm not a gold member

abzdine1714d ago

you have to pay for that as well? -_-

QuantumWake1714d ago

The event will most likely be streamed via the Xbox Live Event Player app on your Xbox. The live event app is free to silver members and does not require a gold subscription.

Hope that helps.

ichimaru1714d ago

lol nice try bro. the event is streamed to gold and silver members

WeAreLegion1714d ago

I'll probably just watch it on much as I hate Spike. HD channel with zero chance of it cutting out due to overload.

fattyuk1714d ago ShowReplies(2)
dasbeer881714d ago

I'm skeptical whether I should be excited or not.

Urusernamesucks1714d ago

Its better to not get excited and then get blown away. Than to get tottaly hyped And get dissapointed.

Regardless you should still watch it :).

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The story is too old to be commented.