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Submitted by HyperBear 933d ago | opinion piece

Can Indie Games Save The Playstation Vita?

Sony is into indie games. Uncharted and God of War may have been its tent-pole exclusives in the PS3 era, but no less talked about were its smaller titles — things like Flower, Journey and Unfinished Swan. In recent months, we’ve heard a whole lot more about Sony’s commitment to small developers, and today a few new interesting games surfaced on the Playstation Blog. We’ve got Hohokum, Doki-Doki Universe and Counter-Spy — what look like three fun little games with some interesting visuals. They’ll be available on PS3, PS4, and most interestingly, PS Vita. (Indie, PS Vita)

NYC_Gamer  +   933d ago
PSV needs huge retail software to help move hardware
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HyperBear  +   933d ago
not necessarily. Yes, I agree, they do need a bigger impact on the retail side of things for PSV. Whether that's making more games available through their flash-drive game cartridges or by creating more shelf space and giving consumers more accessories, or even an overall better presentation/layout at the retail stores...something along these lines to help get the PSV to stand out.

But I do believe with the sheer amount of indie developer support for Sony platforms, and especially some cross-buy/cross-play promotions with a lot of them, a lot of consumers who would usually game on their phones/tablets, would be in favor of buying a Vita just as a personal portable gaming platform with indie/mini games and big-name franchises as well.

Marketing is key too...
yesmynameissumo  +   933d ago
I really don't see the PSV as in need of saving.
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xamtheking  +   933d ago
I think only KH3 could save the Vita
fattyuk  +   933d ago
PSV Doesnt need saving.

it will fall into place soon enough... I have a feeling the PS4 will really help it,
GribbleGrunger  +   933d ago
Stop with the 'save' nonsense.

The Vita will never outsell the 3DS in the market it's currently in. Nintendo own your typical handheld enthusiast and have the biggest asset in that market too: nostalgia.

Sony actually made mention a couple of times, prior to and after the launch of the Vita, that they didn't see themselves in the same market as Nintendo. If any intelligent discussion about the ups and downs of the Vita is ever going to take place, we really need to put those comparative arguments to one side ... They don't serve us well.

Quite clearly Sony are going for the hobbyist, tech savvy crowd. This means that 'mass market' isn't a criteria for Sony at the moment -- and may never be. Indie titles are at the forefront of that strategy. There have always been those that follow and those that are niche, be it music, movies, books etc. It's a smaller market but has more 'credibility' (or at least appears to have). I could go into how these people are ironically STILL following but I won't.

Sony want to make money. They make a product and sell it. It either makes them money or loses them money. If it makes money they keep it. If it loses money they drop it. They DO NOT look anywhere but the profits, so why do the fans of these companies always look at the 'race'? Sony don't, I don't and neither should you.

If you have games that you like to play on the Vita, play them. Be assured that Sony are doing their utmost to give the Vita an identity and encourage innovative Indie devs to bring their games to the handheld. It will keep on selling and keep on getting support.

Forget FINISH line and think BOTTOM line.
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kayoss  +   933d ago
Like Sony mentioned before, its not a sprint but a marathon. See what they did with the PS3? it started out really really slow but now it almost surpasses the xbox 360. Pretty soon it might even surpass the Wii as well.
sdozzo  +   933d ago
The Games Are All Old PC Indie Titles.
Ult iMate  +   933d ago
I would never play them on PC or home consoles, because they have plenty of bigger titles. But they fit perfectly for handhelds and particulary for Vita.
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sdozzo  +   932d ago
I'm with you about how nice it is to play something like Thomas Was Alone on Vita... but, many of the indie titles have been on the PC for a while: TWA, Machinarium, Rampage, Terraria, Guacamelee, FEZ, Runner, etc.

All of those titles were either PC games first or dual release with PS3.
e-p-ayeaH  +   933d ago
of course not the vita doesnt have many games yet that trully define the ps vita experience.
soul sacrifice seems an worthy game but isnt for everyone and indies titles like thomas was alone no 1 gives a **** about it whats appeling about that?
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