8.5 - Lost Odyssey Review

The 411:

If you're a JRPG fan, Lost Odyssey should be a no-brainer. It's an amazing looking JRPG that has a stellar development team doing what they've done best for years - creating a compelling gameplay experience around a solid storyline. The collection of 'A Thousand Years of Dreams' is a real step up for 'video game literature' and worth checking out.

If you're not a JRPG fan, there's probably nothing here that's going to sway your mind. The combat is a bit more player-inclusive than the standard JRPG, with the addition of the ring system, but it's still a far cry from... well, from something like Far Cry with its constant action. There's a solid story starring great characters (maybe minus the children) and great artwork - backed by stellar music by one of the industry's best... but it's still a JRPG.

If you're a fan, you should already have given it a chance. If you're not, you probably never will be.

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Brian52473862d ago

LO is a FF wannabe, and an awful one at that!

ChrisGTR13862d ago

why?? why do ps3 fanboys ALWAYS have to leave the first comment.. and its always flaming...

PumPum3862d ago

Agree with the OP, its a wanna be.
They should have tried to make something different and fresh instead.

THWIP3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

The same could be said for the FFXIII....and GT5....and MGS4. Those franchises continue to crank out the same exact gameplay, but with upgraded graphics, with every iteration. It's much riskier to launch a brand new IP..."original" in premise, or not. Square, PolyD and Kojima Prod. haven't done anything "fresh" in almost a DECADE.

PumPum3862d ago

Its not the same thing. (You forgot to include Halo)
Its like making a game called Falo with master CHEF in it and similar music and story etc... just that its not the same game and lacks quality..

And plz try to be less of a fanboy.

THWIP3862d ago mean like HAZE????

And LOL at you calling ME the "fanboy".

The fact is, in the realm of the JRPG, NOTHING is ever "fresh"/new. They all have the same cliche gameplay, characters, and look. The Western RPGs, like Fable and Oblivion are the closest thing you'll ever get to "fresh" takes on the RPG...and Japan will simply never go for such games.

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kewlkat0073862d ago

FFX. Very challenging as well.

60Hrs - L3vel 37 - 3rd disc.

KidMakeshift3862d ago

Are u talking about Lost Odyssey?

60hrs and only at level 36?

Each disc has around 10hrs of content
I was on the 3rd disc 22hrs in at level 32
Was I missing something?

KidMakeshift3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Maybe 3 years ago on the original Xbox

There's only a few areas that actually look polished, but even those lack the detail that a majority of the 360 titles have

dbzhung3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Lost Odyssey is an excellent in it's own right. At least the 360 has a really good JRPG on its hands, also not all FF were great for ex. FFXII, that game was BORING. I wasted $55 on launch. I just hope FFXIII, will be a great game so it can warrant my purchase of a PS3, that game is the reason i have not purchase the PS3 as of yet.

iAmPS33862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

"Excessively large swords?"

No pun intended of course, with this and their new sequel coming out, BOTS are scaring me...

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