Top 5 games that should come to the Vita

Here is a list of the top 5 games that should come to the Vita ASAP.

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godzookie1567d ago

I agree they should have released Journey on the Vita

erikthegman1566d ago

gears of war on vita with horde mode over ad hoc would be insane

kB01566d ago

Gayest thing you could say on n4g...way gayer than saying that your a Vegan....

dedicatedtogamers1566d ago

I'm really surprised GoW Ascension wasn't a Vita title. It's not like PS3 needed another GoW game (especially after all the HD Collections). Ascension's multiplayer wouldve been a perfect fit for Vita, IMO.

r211566d ago

MoTN! I'd love to play that on my vita :D

batbatz1566d ago

Gears will never appear on the Vita, MS own it