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"Fuse is a squad based third person shooter where you’ll assume the role of a team of four soldiers, each with their own special abilities. For example Dolton seems to be the main soldier of the group and has a ‘mag shield’ that can absorb bullets allowing them to be fired back at his enemies. These abilities will give you the edge during the heated battles you’ll face against plenty of soldiers, mechs and much more."

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4lc4pon31680d ago

I played the Fuse demo and it was garbage. It was a garbage version of "Lost Planet"

Virus2011680d ago

It's funny how some guy in the other FUSE Impression article posted a comment stating the opposite. It seems like this game is already getting mixed reactions.

Ilovetheps41680d ago

I agree that it was awful. A buddy and I played it last night and both of us just walked away at the end feeling it was boring. It was too generic. There's no way I will buy the game. Insomniac has fallen quite a bit.

iGamerZero241680d ago

Damn ! I kinda figured that........

Thanks for the heads up

showtimefolks1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Welcome insomniac to Sony's world wide family it was nice being independent but now it's either go out of business or being bought by anther publisher

This was your one shot to prove you can make games on muti platform system p. I mean this game doesn't even resemble insomniac that I now and love and grew up playing their games. This is a very generic shooter. What happened? This game had so much promise when the first trailer at E3 was released

Maybe releasing a demo for it wasn't so smart because now people who were on the fence like me have no interest in it till it gets to under $15

Now make a proper ratchet and clank


I know right I can't believe this game was developed by insomniac games. Lets see maybe EA will advertise the hell out of it and may sell it to those unaware of its generic form and those who haven't played the demo

Don't get me wrong nothing wrong With the game but nothing stands out either

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Bumpmapping1680d ago

By far the worst game Insomniac has made to date a total mess.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1680d ago

I agree it sucked big time. I'm glad Sony never purchased them after seeing how bad this game is.

RuleofOne343 1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Hopefully that never changes so they can remain independent & continue to own all IPs moving forward . I liked the game it was fun & different.

Skips1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )


So you'd rather have Insomniac own generic IP's influenced and changed by E.A.'s crappy focus groups ,then have Insomniac given the freedom to create WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT?

From the article:

According to the creative director for Fuse, Brian Allgeier:

"We started to discover that everyone thought this was a game for their younger brother. We would hear this from 12-year-olds. So we decided that we needed to make a game that had an older appeal."


@ #32 and #33

(Even if it is VGChartz, those numbers are pathetic). And it's already coming out in a little over a month.

Look how E.A. marketed Army Of Two: The Devil's Cartel. lol

Guess you'd rather have Insomniac's games flop too right? -_-

kneon1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

12 year olds are idiots, that's nearly always true. I'll be 48 any minute now and the original overstrike had me hooked in seconds. It was different to most of what's out there, not only the way it looked but also the humor and personality of the game.

Once it became Fuze I was far less interested, they changed everything that made the game stand out.

I have played the demo all the way through and it's not as bad as I was expecting, but it still doesn't seem worth paying full fare.

Plagasx1680d ago

What happened Insomniac?

xamtheking1680d ago

This will either go belly-up or be a smash hit depending on how they price it

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