JRPGs for people who think they hate JRPGs

GamesRadar - So traditional role-playing games aren’t your thing. Maybe the combat is too slow, the protagonists too whiny, the outfits too ridiculous, or the games too long. Perhaps you’re just not into the fantasy settings, or the princesses and knights and grumpy leading men with hearts of gold. There are many clichés associated with JRPGs, a lot of them with good reason, and you don’t have the time or patience for that nonsense.

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Relientk771894d ago

Also besides their list:

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
Skies of Arcadia
Grandia 1, 2
Breath of Fire III, IV
Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X

toguns1894d ago

I personally like Skies. But. Too many female characters, now very dated graphics and the most random battles that have ever been in any game. EVER means that Skies is not for everyone

Wigriff1894d ago

Ah, Grandia 2. I loved that game.

3-4-51893d ago

DQ9 got me back into JRPG's. Been trying to buy up as many solid DS JRPG's as possible since I beat DQ9 back in September.

Kalowest1894d ago

I've played all the games on that list, lol.

Dark111894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

When we talk about japan , i really hate most of their JRPG's thanks to the childish designs

thank god we got a mature RPG's form capcom and from software
(Dragon dogma and dark souls)

Edit: LOL @ Disagrees.

elhebbo161894d ago

even though they're japanese games they are more towards the WRPG side. imo

Hicken1894d ago

LOL @ you and your "childish" designs.

ANY SMT game is considerably more "mature" than either of those you've mentioned.

TheSaint1894d ago

Childish post, that's why the disagrees.

3-4-51893d ago

mature designs usually don't leave much room for creativity and thus you get 30+ generic looking "realistic " characters who aren't memorable at all.

I'm sure we need more of that..

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vickers5001894d ago

I really liked Dragon Quest 8, and I typically don't enjoy jrpgs very much.

McScroggz1894d ago

It's hard to recommend a JRPG to somebody who isn't familiar with the genre or who hasn't liked what they have played. In that regard, I think the original Kingdom Hearts is very palatable because the characters and settings are very comfortable while the combat is real-time yet reminiscent of old school JRPG's. If somebody playes KH1 and doesn't like it, they just will not like the genre.

For what it's worth I'm playing Persona 4 Golden now and it's f'ing awesome.

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