WWE Superstar R-Truth Can Beat You In WWE 13 Or Black Ops 2

R-Truth has been playing wrestling games since the old school arcade machine, WrestleMania, days. He spends a lot of his free time playing games on his Xbox 360 and in the air on his iPhone. The pro wrestler talks about his gaming habits and offers some advice to 2K Sports in this exclusive article.

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gamerlive1927d ago

This guy is a big-time gamer with old school cred.

Relientk771927d ago

Come at me R-Truth, you gon get got!

Accept my challenge?

KrisK1927d ago

It would have to weird, wouldn't it? To play yourself in a video game?

creHEARTive1927d ago

Truth would need little Jimmy to beat me at WWE 13.

HarryB1927d ago

Someone should tell him that wrestling is fake while playing blackops 2 hahaha and then he would get pissed.

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