Project X Zone Capcom character trailer

Capcom has published a new trailer for Namco Bandai’s upcoming 3DS game Project X Zone.

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Kalowest1776d ago

Looks like they reused some UMvC finishers/specials.

3-4-51775d ago

This game could have been amazing if they just tweaked it a bit.

I want it from the looks of it.....but whenI see the gameplay I know I will get bored real fast.

Why couldn't they just let us mix and match anyone ?

Why couldn't they just make fights more involved ?

Why couldn't they make the fighting part more action based ?

Why couldn't they have made it turn based ?

The choices that made are ignorant, and thus they have ruined a potentially awesome game. You actually have to try to do that.

Snookies121776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Lol, I see what's going on... Capcom put "new" Dante in PS All Stars because they wanted to promote the game, so they only allowed that one. Now that DmC didn't sell so well, they put old Dante into this one. Oh Capcom, I'm onto you...

Godmars2901776d ago

No. Old Dante was always in this series. This came out at about the same time as DMC: DMC in Japan.

Snookies121776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Okay, then why put old Dante in this, and only allow new Dante in All Stars? I don't get that...

RockmanII71776d ago

Maybe Capcom wanted to advertise DMC with PSAS, but since PxZ is such a niche game they didn't think it didn't matter. Maybe since DMC never released on a Nintendo console that advertising for it on one wouldn't accomplish anything so they went with the more traditional Dante. Either way though PxZ did come out 3 months before DMC in Japan so sales couldn't have been a factor.

Godmars2901776d ago

Thing is MvC3 was announced shortly afterwards as well, yet instead of it featuring new Dante which version did it have?

It was things like that and the especially the later asinine joke about the white wig which only became more stupid for DLC which shows how no one connected to the project had a clue in regards to fan reactions.

BullyMangler1776d ago

poor sony, I think this game should come to the vita rather the 3DS. things just aren't fare anymore.

Dj7FairyTail1776d ago

Old Dante been in this game.

Skate-AK1775d ago

Same reason Raiden was in it instead of Snake. Cross promotion.

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Williamson1776d ago

The only thing missing this gen for me was megaman! Been waiting 7 years for a new title in the X series, and would love megaman zero be remade in 2.5d.

maniacmayhem1776d ago

3DS hands down the winner for this game and this game alone!

I will pick this up no matter what.

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