Are Cross-Generation Releases Affecting Your Enthusiasm for the PS4?

Push Square: "With the PlayStation 4 now mere months away, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that its predecessor is not simply going to step aside. Sony has always done a stellar job of supporting its systems throughout the entirety of their ten year lifecycles, but it appears that it’s going to have a helping hand from third-parties this time around. Recent announcements have demonstrated that publishers are eager to mitigate the risk associated with the switch to new hardware by releasing their wares on existing machines too. But is the cunning strategy impacting your excitement for the impending platform?"

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GalacticEmpire1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

Nope there'll be plenty of content that is 100% PS4 only and even the titles that do release "cross-generation" will look and run better on PS4. Seems like win-win to me.

avengers19781895d ago

Well said... If your going to buy a console day one then you have plenty of games to play. If your going to wait and stick with your old console then, there are still plenty of new games to play.

Lucreto1895d ago

I think it is a good strategy to follow. It is beneficial all around.

It helps developers get used to the new technology earlier. I don't expect a huge graphical leap from lets say AC4 on the PS3 and on the PS4. The PS4 version might have a few extra bells and whistles but graphically the same. This is a good thing at least they have a handle on the new technology and when AC5 is released it will be better game for it. Like the differences from Uncharted 1 and Uncharted 2.

It will help Sony as there will be a lot more games released on the PS4 at launch. More games equals less things for people to complain about. Look the the Wii U after the few launch titles there is nothing of importance released in a while.

It will help consumers. Lots of people say "I will wait until it have more games" PS3 have 12 launch titles so far I count 7 launch tiles for the PS4 and it is only May. Killzone, Infamous, Driveclub, COD, AC4, Watch Dogs, Battlefield etc. I am sure there is more.

miyamoto1895d ago

its called "freedom of choices"
whether you get to play a cross gen game on ps3 or ps4 i am sure Sony is okay with it.
if your wallet is ready for ps4 by all means get it. if you invested on ps3 get the ps3 version

Jaqen_Hghar1895d ago

No. A man will buy cross-platform games on PS4 because he knows they will be more stable. The last couple years and even before that games have tried to run on systems that could baaaaarely handle them. The PS4 will have stable framerates and all the awesome features it'll have for every game for GTA5 and AC4. A man also is excited for KZ and Infamous which won't be on PS3. A man also can't see games being more than $10 more so since he will have a PS4 he will go for the prettier and more stable version with more social features and better online that can be played with the awesome DS4.