First Person- Open- World Survival Horror Game The Forest Looks Brilliant

Vancouver-based studio SKS Games may not have long history with the only title to its name being the iPad horror outing End Night, but it's comprised of special effects artists who worked on Tron Legacy and 300, and the team's bold visual style has carried over into its debut PC game, a first-person open world survival horror affair called The Forest.

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Prcko1960d ago

This looks really fantastic

AngelicIceDiamond1960d ago

Whoa, interesting twist there at the ending.

aCasualGamer1960d ago

Yeah, i hope it is released to nextgen consoles aswell!

The video looked really great.

Wizziokid1960d ago

wow that really does look brilliant!

Prcko1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

yeah,i gonna try this out for sure,just atmosphere is mindblowing

-Gespenst-1960d ago

Looked fantastic until it got violent. Why couldn't it have Amnesia style non-confrontational horror? Sneaking around the woods trying to avoid detection by those things would be much better. It'd also be great if it was a free-form adventure, in which you could just discover stuff yourself on this giant island and piece it all together. You could like gradually make riskier forays into the wilderness, building your camp and surviving and whatnot. There could be some locations that aren't accessable simply because you haven't found and interpreted enough information. Maybe some secret tomb that requires a password and some item. The more I think about it the more this game seems to be lacking. It probably won't be anything like what I'm hoping for.

TechnicianTed1960d ago

'Why couldn't it have Amnesia style non-confrontational horror?'

Because it's not Amnesia?

You don't know how often that confrontation comes, and if it happens like the vid, it will shock you. Which is, you know, horror.

Th4Freak1960d ago

You're free to make your own game.

Loki861960d ago

I am super pumped for this game, saw the greenlight trailer this morning. This and the gallery both are going to make the Oculus a must own accessory.

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The story is too old to be commented.