Eiji Aonuma on the fate of Wind Waker 2

When the HD remake of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker was announced, it instantly became one of the most wanted games for the Wii U. When it was originally released, however, it was very controversial, and many gamers did not like the cartoon look at all. While it went on to sell 4.6 million copies, Nintendo was disappointed with sales. Nevertheless, the company began working on another entry in the series with the working title The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 2. The plan was to develop the game using the same cel-shaded graphics as the previous title, much like they had done when they created Majora's Mask using assets from Ocarina of Time. The project stalled, though, after director Eiji Aonuma asked Nintendo of America about the reason for sluggish North American sales of the first Wind Waker.

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Snookies121965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

I admit... When this game was first being shown before it released, I was one of those people... I instantly shunned it for the look. Thought it was too kiddy for me. When I actually sat down and played it at a friend's house though, I was hooked. Definitely one of my favorite Zelda games. My list probably goes something like this...

1. Link to the Past
2. Majora's Mask
3. Wind Waker

So yes, I would absolutely LOVE a Wind Waker sequel.

Neonridr1965d ago

While I can't put Wind Waker above Ocarina of Time (something about seeing Link and Hyrule for the first time in 3D gave me so much joy as a kid), it is easily in my top 5. Would have to agree that the SNES Zelda is my personal favorite too, just simply loved how epic the game was.

I am still very much excited for the Wind Waker HD remake, but would be intrigued if they were to revist the world of Wink Waker and make a direct sequel. Phantom Hourglass for the DS is in that same timeline too.

TruthbeTold1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

I can't emphasize how much much as a gamer, I NEED the first HD Zelda game not to be cartoony. Those games and art styles have their time and place, but I don't want that on the Wii U as the first new game.

Anything solid, along the lines of the E3 demo would suffice if the world is large and the game play is tight.

The bright side is that I think that the very reason why Wind Waker is receiving the remake treatment. Now we'll get the best of both worlds this gen.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1965d ago

I have admitted to doing the same thing.

I think it had more to do with OoT at the time was considered very Photo Realistic (for 64 bit gaming)-

Then they showed the Space World Demo- which seemed like it was going to further the trend.

Nintendo Fans were even then getting slammed for not having Photorealistic games (for GameCube/Xbox/PS2) ...

So when WW was shown it was a like a bait an switch (even though Nintendo had warned).
And it also exposed Nintendo Fans to immediate ridicule and scorn esp. since many had used the Space World video graphics to defended the GC.

The truth is-
-technically the Cell-Shading of Polygons is/was a little more difficult. And that they gameplay exceeds all else.

There's a big difference from seeing screenshots and a moving game world. Also, a different in gameplay and graphics.

I was not at first excited about SS's look now it is in my top Zeldas.

3-4-51964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Would be a perfect time to make Wind Waker 2.

* 2015 Ocarina style LoZ

* 2017/18 - WW 2

jcnba281965d ago

I think the Wind Waker remake is going to surprise a lot of people and look amazing.

Root1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

You know you would think I would be the type of person who would of judged this game because of it's looks but believe me that was not the case. I knew this game would be a gem the second I saw it.

I mean I have a knack for these types of things, hey it saves me money in the long run

A brand new take on Zelda...what was not to like

PopRocks3591965d ago

Absolutely nothing. A lot of people preemptively judged it the moment it was revealed and it looked nothing like its tech demo (believe it or not, I was one of them initially). But to me it's a fantastic classic and certainly one of the best in the series. Good to know you were more open minded about it than even I was.

Number-Nine1965d ago

i never gave this game a fair shot due to its cartoony look. i def need to give it another go and will.

dafegamer1965d ago

such an underrated game :(. I bet that the majority missed out on the game, cause they hated the artstyle. Easily one of the best Zelda games

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