Is This Naughty Dog’s PlayStation 4 Game?

IGN - An eagle-eyed IGN reader stumbled upon something interesting.

The power of Podcast Beyond’s listenership has struck again. This time, NickoMcBrain (I assume that’s not his actual name) comes through with some fascinating stills from a video chronicling the development of Naughty Dog’s upcoming PS3 exclusive The Last of Us.

In the video embedded below, Jucker found something at the 2:42 timestamp.

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Majin-vegeta1963d ago

Whatever it is they have my money already.

DeletedAcc1963d ago

Uncharted 4: Secrets of Chloe's Ass

perdie1963d ago

they used 5 million polygons just in dat ass

Walker1963d ago

you're gonna miss this ass LOL

Venemox1963d ago

Ass disappeared in UC3 ):

Why o why1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Sneaky Dogs

Rezka1963d ago

Its a shame you have to sit on something so pretty

Dee_911963d ago

ign reaching
for all we know they could be anything from dlc costumes to just someone who work there trying new modeling techniques.

eh but a 17th/18 century game from ND would be awesome so im optimistic ...

JoGam1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Im getting the Uncharted 4: Secrets of Chloe's Ass: Unlimited Ass Edition. includes DLC to all Chloe's ass shots. With the Soundtrack of Chloes Ass getting smacked. DAY ONE BABY.

Hydrolex1963d ago Show
guitarded771963d ago

@ Dmarc

Yeah, but it's that time of the year... the weeks before E3 always bring out the reaching articles, and some of them turn out to be true.

On topic: Dat ass.

M-M1963d ago

Why don't you have a seat over there?

dafegamer1963d ago

wow just wow XD bubbles sir

4lc4pon31963d ago

id explore chloes ass in many ways. for a animation she was sexy lol

b_one1962d ago

it could be uncharted prequel, main char - Francis Drake, sailing etc

DeletedAcc1962d ago

One question: you people gave me bubble+ but why have i still 2 bubbles..? i would have 4 so far S:

KontryBoy7061962d ago

LOL they slightly nerfed her ass in Uncharted 3. It was no longer a booty!

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starchild1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Yep, my money too. everything they touch turns to gold.

mac_sparrow1962d ago

Ironically the magic formula seems to be a main character that everything they touch turns to shit.

Love that moment in uncharted 2.

Dirtnapstor1963d ago

Ditto! Hope it is Uncharted 4... could be back story character models. Who knows, may be they'll announce something at E3, to be released alongside the PS4!

Xandet1963d ago

Hmmmm... judging from the concept art, could it possibly be an Uncharted prequel in which you play as Sir Francis Drake? Would seem to fit the time period. In any case, consider me sold.

Conzul1963d ago

Yeah I think that this is highly likely.

showtimefolks1963d ago

sony's world wide studio president said every sony owned studio is working on a ps4 Title. so yes ND are working on a ps4 game

Braid1962d ago

That's Sir Francis Drake and his cousin Sir John Hawkins.

That's right, in Uncharted 4, which'll be a prequel, you'll play as Admiral Drake himself and you'll be facing the mysteries of Bermuda Triangle on your journey through the oceanic islands.

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Root1963d ago

Hmmm....a Sir Francis Drake spin off :D

Ilovetheps41963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

That's exactly what I thought. It is an Uncharted game except you play through one of the adventures as Sir Francis Drake.

Axonometri1963d ago

This idea would be awesome!

Root1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Least then it's refreshing, they have a new time period and we'll get to return to the island where El Dorado is....although saying that since he dies on the island after making sure no one leaves this should be the last game with Sir Francis Drake.

They should do one with Sir Francis when you see him trying to cover up the Atlantis of the Sands travels, then a game with Marco Polo and the Cintamani stone and the final game would be a one with Sir Francis when he's on the El Dorado island. As I've said above t's quite fitting this would be last since he dies here.

Ilovetheps41963d ago

Root, that's exactly how they should make this game. I'm not sure if you saw the movie The Thing (If you haven't stop reading now), but they did a concept similar to this. In the first movie, they had a bunch of people find many dead bodies and they discovered how they died. In the second movie, it showed the original adventurers and showed them actually dying.

I think it'd be cool to actually see Sir Francis Drake going through all of these events that Drake discovered later on. You would get to see the events as they actually happened.

Root1963d ago would be going behind the scenes of what made Nathan Drake go through what we've witnessed in the first three Uncharted games

Now I think if this happened it would have to be done properly. They should do the backstory of the Atlantis of the Sands first with Sir Francis Drake then work their way backwards.

In a way this second Uncharted franchise would be like NaughtyDogs Assassins Creed. It would allow them to create a modern treasure hunt for Nathan Drake in the present but also give the explorer backstory in the past with different time eras like how in AC you visit different time periods.

Then you have the fact you would have different gear, different ways of getting through obstacles, new characters, new weapons and also a bigger insight on the backstory of not only the explorers/adventures that Nathan Drake decided to go after in the present but also other things in the games.

For example

The Nazis on El Dorado, more insight on the guardians in Shambhala or Karl Schäfe's explorer group and why he did what he did.....hell maybe insight on The Bedouins that's lead by Salim in Uncharted 3 like how they know about Ubar and why they protect it

You know little stuff like that old Uncharted fans can go

"OOOHHH I remember these guys in the Uncharted THAT'S what happened to them"

braydox211963d ago

you dont suppose that Sir francis will be after the fountain of youth, taking on rival spanish, and dealing with angry natives, but thats just an idea for me really i think Naughtey Dog will do something alot more interesting.

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Iltapalanyymi1963d ago

would be actually pretty cool

Crystallis1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

That would be awesome. I'd love to play a Sir Francis drake.

bronxsta1963d ago

Uncharted 4 about pirate myths?

Wizziokid1963d ago

They would of done this on purpose to give those who analysis these things the chance to catch it, my guess E3 reveal.

No idea what the game could be though, something Uncharted maybe

Double_Oh_Snap1963d ago

My guess is this is from a flash back to the 1500's. During Uncharted 4 for some plot reason involving Sir Francis Drake. Here's hoping :D

Can't wait to see what ever Naughty Dog has been working on at E3. While frantically rocking back and forth knowing The Last of Us is only 4 days away.

Axonometri1963d ago

You might want to see someone about that...