Destructoid- Preview: The Deadpool game is a lot of dumb, immature fun

DT:Deadpool has been a favorite of mine ever since I got into Marvel comics years ago. So I was pretty delighted when High Moon Studios announced it'd be working on a Deadpool game. The studio has done a rather good job with the Transformers license, and for the most part Deadpool: The Game is pretty decent based on what I got to play recently.

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Snookies121965d ago

Sounds about right. It is Deadpool after all.

Wizziokid1965d ago

the way deadpool should be, I just hope it's good!

MilkMan1965d ago

So dumb, immature fun is cool if its Deadpool, but not cool if it Army of Two The Cartel?
(Things that make you go Hmmm)

webeblazing1964d ago

im pretty sure thats the definition of deadpool try reading his comics. to me the only comics i will ever read which balance funny and badass so well.

Sketchy_Galore1964d ago

I think the point being made is that Deadpool is clearly made by people who understand how dumb and adolescent the action hero thing is and are purposefully having fun pushing that ridiculousness to absurd places to create a knowingly immature but still creatively written work of tongue-in-cheek schlock.

I haven't played any Army of two games so I admit I could easily be mistaken about this but they don't look like a knowing satire of dumb action conventions. They look like they were actually made by people who really think dudebro jocks murdering foreigners then high-fiving and shouting, 'dats wut I'm talkin' bout' are actually cool.

There is a difference between smart people playing dumb and dumb people being dumb.

MilkMan1964d ago

Ive read Deadpool and most DC, Dark Horse Marvel and what have you. I am fully versed in what he is and what hes about.

Just seems hypocritical that dumb, fun games that don't carry names like Deadpool. Get crapped on, for whatever the reason.

There are quadruple standards all over the place in gamedom.