Xbox 720, PS4 graphics push overshadowing gameplay

There have been a number of next-generation console debates since the Sony PS4 officially received a release date window of Q4 2013, and the full specs entered the spotlight without the final PS4 console design.

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Double_Oh_Snap1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Finally... we get a damn article that hits the nail on the head.

Look I love graphics as much as the next guy. They add to the game in a ton of ways. At the end of the day though you're just looking at it.

Now I won't get into how important animation, sound ect... Complement the graphics in huge ways.

The point is all we have been hearing is how much better everything will look. Not how much more fun these games will be to play.

I'm not saying we won't get amazing gameplay. We as gamers should want more then games with insane IQ, amazing texture work ect... We should should want game experiences that are literally not possible on current generation systems.

I will give you a perfect example of this happening to me this gen. I'm 20 years old now, and in fall of 2006 it happened for me. I got a xbox 360 and I played Dead Rising.
Now I I'm not blind that game is riddled with flaws of every possible nature.

When I was 13 though none of that mattered. It was a game so original to me. I can pick up this bench and smash it into hundreds of zombies? Go into every store, and interact with
everything? Save survivors ect...

My first Next Gen experience. It blew my mind at the time and I played it a ton. I even still love the series to this day despite the obvious flaws.

I'm not trying to hate on games we know next to nothing about. I mean I super excited for next gen. I'm just making this long ass comment to bring light to why we love games.

As a gamer I just hope everyone gets the same experience in some form Next Gen.
God knows the hardware is there for it.
Now all we need is a developer. A dash of creativity mixed with some innovation and will be in business.

yesmynameissumo1780d ago

Not sure what you're reading, but I'm reading how we'll be able to share gameplay, stream gameplay, more indie focus and then graphics (simply b/c it's what you SEE). I don't have a problem if all the graphics talk is backed up with fun, engaging gameplay.

Double_Oh_Snap1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Indeed, thats why I'm not trying to come off complaining per say just
making gameplay at the fore front always. I absolutely love indies btw I buy a lot of them.

yesmynameissumo1780d ago

Same here. I just think graphics as tech improves are a given. We both know great gameplay shits all over the best graphics.

_-EDMIX-_1780d ago

I love how they leave out that both the damn systems have 8 gigs of ram and 6 core equivalent cpu's.....oh but the focus is on the graphics. LOL!

"overshadowing" I feel people can only focus on such a thing just based on they are not playing the game. To say that the focus went there and just ignore that games are not made by systems, they are made by human developers. There are a lot of developers out there that will use those 8 gigs of ram to make great gamesplay experiences.

For example, what if we get a GTA game that lets us explore like 80% of the buildings in the game? Some thing wild like that can now be done because of this, so I think what the article is saying is a bit subjective.

InMyOpinion1780d ago

Why are they talking about the 720 when it has not been announced, and we haven't even seen glimpses of games for it?

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miyamoto1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Nintendo Entertainment System

Yamauchi knew that a video-game system was only as useful as the software it could run, no matter how powerful it might be. He had wisely anticipated the importance of games and had instructed Uemura to make the system easy to program for. Yamauchi wanted Nintendo to become a place where his employees would be encouraged and inspired. According to him, it was artists, not technicians, who made excellent games, and he wanted his company to become a haven for video-game artists.

Even though he had no engineering background and had never played a single video game in his life, Yamauchi was the only one deciding which game Nintendo would release. He was praised for his remarkable intuition, as he could seemingly read a few years in advance, knowing what would become hot and popular. Yamauchi in those days believed the marketing people would only look at what was popular at the time, and therefore did not allow them to see the games before they were completed.

Yamauchi set up three R&D groups, run by his chief engineers. Ignoring the textbook corporate examples, he let them compete among themselves for his praise. Designers would become overjoyed when they came up with a game idea that delighted him. On the other hand, a rejection could be devastating; employees occassionally left the company, and others were sent on sabbatical. Most commonly, though, designers who were turned down would only work harder, determined to have their game chosen the next time.

Yeah a Nintendo game gets approved and considered a hit just by the president looking at it and not even play it.

How ironic for Nintendo fanboys who say game play is more important than graphics.

And its also cringe worthy when Iwata and Reggie brainwash new generation Nintendo kids with game play is supreme than graphics crap to justify their cheapness.

Graphics and Game Play are of Equally Importance.
Its an inseparable pair like pair of shoes, pair of gloves, eye glasses, wings of airplanes, etc.

Graphics and Game Play should progress and improve simultaneously and no one gets left behind.

Sp far Sony PlayStation has been consistent in improving both at the same time with the Uncharted series.

Salooh1780d ago

He's right but tech do help a lot to evolve gaming. Without great tech artists will be stuck on making old looking games. People buy next generation to play something new and exciting not just the vision of the developers. All things effect. That's why i don't consider Wii u a next generation(Console) but it is a next generation to the wii if that will make nintendo fans happy.

The better tech the better for developers and gamers. Developers still can make ps1 level of gaming on ps4. But there are others who want to evolve and that need high tech not just visions. It's like saying we don't wireless tech , it's just not right for me..

Thatguy-3101780d ago

I mean a lot of games this Gen didn't really emphasize on gameplay so I don't see the shock. Seeing how indie games are on the rise I bet anything that when it comes to innovative gameplay they will be they the ones raising the bar. Triple A games aren't going to change much and will just look better. I do think that we'll get a good mixture of games that exceed on gameplay next gen. Not that worried.

avengers19781780d ago

No one ever said that the gameplay was going to suffer because of the graphics... Really it depends on the game... I'm sure next gen(like every gen) will have good games and bad games. The tools are there for developers to use and its up to them to make great games... As consumers it's up to us to decide weather or not we want to play a game, and be honest with yourself... Isn't the first thing that catches your attention on a game, the way it looks. I know for myself it's like wow look at that, now I want to find out more about that game. Graphics is not the end all be all, I'd prefer it if they had steady frame rates, no load times, and ran at 1080p. If your a god of war fan then you know that the games always look amazing, but its the story of Kratos and the game play that really make that seris

3-4-51780d ago

We gaming industry is going to lose the knowledge of how to make a good game if it only focuses on Graphics. Eventually 1-2 generations from now we are going to have whole dev studios full of people who don't know anything about gameplay, but they can make the best damn looking game you've ever seen.

basically a movie.

RyuStrife1780d ago

I don't understand these people. The only dev talking about graphics is crytek. Everyone else talks about being able to do more because of the capabilities of the newer systems. Graphics, gameplay, system ui, interacting, etc..

Isn't the additions to the controllers to expand gameplay? And yet people complain it's a gimmick. I'll say this, graphics, story, social, and how you interact within the games are all a part gameplay itself.

thechosenone1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

I think developers can create the both without straining themselves too much, well the competent ones at least. I feel confident in Sony's 1st/2nd party studios will offer us both next-gen similar to how they did this gen.

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2pacalypsenow1780d ago

Its cuz every damn PC elitist talks only about the Graphics

4lc4pon31780d ago

i am a PC gamer with 2 very high end gaming rigs and I will tell you this now. Yes we PC gamers love Graphics and thats why we built our rigs but there are times where I was playing and got bored cause the graphics were amazing but game play sucked.

It needs to be evened out IMO

Corpser1780d ago

Sorry you've been butthurt all these years, with a ps4 you finally will see what games look like in 1080p

starchild1780d ago

BS. PC gamers care about graphics just like everybody else, but most PC gamers I know play plenty of games with mediocre visuals if the gameplay is good.

I admit that I care about graphics because I love games and think they deserve to be played at their best, but still graphics are not even close to all I talk about.

Console gamers talk just as much about graphics. It just irks console fanboys like you that your favorite console doesn't offer the best graphics .

_-EDMIX-_1780d ago

I own both console and PC....don't make yourself sound like an idiot please.

PC's has a lot of draws to it, indie games, mods, but really it draw is the amount of power and space it has. Example, Star Citizen, if you haven't heard of

This game is straight up AMAZING and it has to do with what the game is and how it will play vs what it looks like. Graphics are one thing, detail is another. Having lots and lots and lots of detail can make a game feel much more real then a limited one. Getting a PS4 day 1, but clearly getting Oculus Rift and Star Citizen day 1 too.

Star Citizen is the reason why PC in terms of execution is a BEAST platform. No Limits, no boundaries. is the last thing I got from that. Star Citizen is as NEXT GEN AS ANY GAME JUST BASED ON DOING SOMETHING THATS NEVER BEEN DONE!

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4lc4pon31780d ago

we have a dev. Naughty Dog nuff said

wantonGamer1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Knack says no.

How charming was it of Sony to show Knack as their first ever PS4 game. They would've kicked off with Gritty Shooter 6 If they thought graphics was all that mattered.

Axonometri1780d ago

SO, next Gen consoles finally meet level of PC gaming so next gen console game design must not be important to them? Ignorance.

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