Top 10 Games Next-Gen Needs

These 10 games are 10 titles that I would love to see make an appearance on Wii U, PS4, or Xbox 720. Some of these games are confirmed to exist, others are rumored, and others still are dream games that I just hope we’ll see before the next console cycle has its swan song and we are waiting the ninth generation systems.

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JeffGUNZ1896d ago

That list is pretty underwhelming for "top ten".

kirbyu1896d ago

Banjo-Threeie. Now that is a game that NEEDS to be made, but on a Nintendo console.

Wasn't the Conker Game Boy game before the N64 one?

Here's an idea I came up with. An HD collection of classic NES, SNES, and N64 games on Wii U.

maniacmayhem1896d ago

A bad Fur Day 2 would be bad a#%, and something I wanted for a while. Out of that whole list only the thought of a Fallout 4 got me excited.

Loved the Fallout games and I think the next one on more capable systems will be fantastic.

Retroman1896d ago

as a old school gamer would love to see something more than first person shooter games on ps4. damn, enough is enough for FPS,MULTI-PLAYER games.

SouthClaw1896d ago

Would agree with conkers and fallout. I would like to see a getaway 3. I agree about the reboot of resident evil. It has become so crap.

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