Wii U Missing Out on 15 Frostbite 3 Games

Wii U is going to miss out on 15 Frostbite 3 games, such as Mass Effect 4 and Dragon Age 3.

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Kingdom Come1900d ago

No E3 Press Conference,
Playstation 4 and impending Next-Generation Xbox announcement,
No Frostbite 3 games.

Nintendo are going to have a very difficult 2014.

Dj7FairyTail1900d ago

Uh they having a Software Booth before their two E3 Small Event Conference, then a Software Booth onward.

Everyone at E3 will be able to play Nintendo Wii U upcoming games before the showfloors open to public. Meaning while Microsoft and Sony have their event. Anyone can play Wii U upcoming games.

guitarded771900d ago

Yeah, this whole Frostbite thing really sucks for Wii U only gamers. But then again, if they only own a Wii U, they probably won't care too much. Most gamers concerned with the games built on Forstbite own multiple platforms. Ultimately it hurts Nintendo's bottom line though... that's less software sales.

LOL_WUT1900d ago

Wow 15 games huh? And all of them being next-gen! Faithfuls exposed again!

Nintendo need to step it up they wouldn't want to get even more behind. ;)

stragomccloud1900d ago

It's not Nintendo's fault. It's all EA trying to kill Nintendo because they are butthurt about Origin. EA is trying to kill Nintendo the same way they helped kill SEGA, the difference is, that Nintendo isn't quite as easy to take down as SEGA was when it was in the state that it was at the time.

hollabox1899d ago


I wouldn't say its EA fault at all, EA has seen what Nintendo gamers buy and trust me it aint EA products. Games like ME3, Batman 3, Madden couldn't even break 80,000 units sold, but 2D Mario has sold almost two million.

Its well known Wii U hardware is underpowered and Nintendo has been shooting themselves in the foot regarding WiiU marketing and games. So the blame is on Nintendo and its fans, Nintendo for releasing and marketing this underperforming hardware, and fans for not accepting an broader scope of games besides Nintendo's legendary franchises.

Braid1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

Not just 15 games, Wii U will be missing out the whole next-generation as their 3rd party support will be as terrible as ever.

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thisisdallas1900d ago

Yeah, the lack of EA support and specifically Frostbite 3 support is huge. EA holds most of the major 3rd party franchises and that is what the Wii U desperately needs right now.

NYC_Gamer1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

It's hard to make that clear to loyal Nintendo fans on the web..I can't stand EA but they do publish huge franchises.

lilbroRx1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Not really. Nintendo haters just want it to be huge.

The only time I ever see people praise EA is when they direct negativity towards Nintendo.

Neonridr1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

I am still having a hard time believing that they can get the Frostbite 3 Engine running on the 360, but they can't get it working on the Wii U. I understand it is an investment to have to learn new hardware, so I guess EA feels that it's not worth their time because they won't recoup sales back for the system at this point. It will be interesting to follow their stance on the system, should sales start to take off once the big selling first party titles start rolling in.

Regardless, it sucks no doubt for us Wii U owners. Fortunately I own a good gaming PC and I plan on purchasing a PS4 probably next year sometime, so I will just play these games on one of those two platforms.

AKR1900d ago

It's not that they "can't" get it to work on the Wii U. EA is still angry over the whole Origin fiasco. They simply DON'T WANT TO.

Genuine-User1900d ago

Might be the CPU pal. I heard it was slower than both the PS3 and 360.
I want to get a Wii U, probably will once it has more than 5 games I want.

RuleofOne343 1900d ago

Oh well what a shame , now on to more important matters.

Avernus1900d ago

If I was buying a WiiU, I would have bought it expecting little third party games tbh. ESPECIALLY if I bought it recently.

It's really hard to see Nintendo being happy about this, and from a business POV, it's surely is a sour taste. Nintendo can't keep relying on Zelda and Mario to make up sales anymore.

Even CoD BO2 didn't sell on WiiU...when the worlds best selling game ever sells poorly on your console, you know something's up.

SIANSLOW1900d ago

COD is not the best selling game ever or franchise, you'll find those records belong to nintendo developed exclusives

kneon1900d ago

Most of which were packed in with a console so it's not really comparing apples to apples.

InTheLab1900d ago

Inflated numbers due to bundling.

How does MarioKart sell 33 million copies but Skyward Sword only sells 3 million? Packed into every $169-$200 holiday bundle for the last few years is a Mario of some sort.

And what about non traditional titles like Red Steel and Conduit? Well, Conduit/Conduit2 combined sold less than 600k copies, with both Red Steels doing similar numbers.

How about Metroid Prime 3? Barely breaks a million each game. Monster Hunter tri? 2 million.

Point is, most Nintendo casual friendly franchise get bundle after Bundle for YEARS, but the core franchises sell average to very poorly. That's not to say that other companies can't bundle. They do, but not to the extent in which Nintendo does.

Shok1900d ago

How much did you expect BO2 to tell though?

Not really a good example. BO2 on Wii U not only launched later than all the other versions, but had no DLC support, and keep in mind that this is in a much smaller install base (3.5 million vs. 75 million+)

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