Who Are The Top Developers Of This Generation?

A console’s lifespan is defined by the games that gamers love to play on the system. But behind those games are the developers, who put in hundreds of hours, blood, sweat, and tears to make the game the best it can be. As we see this generation heading towards a close this fall, we have to ask ourselves: Who are the best developers this generation? Who have defined innovation, spread revolution, and made us remember that sometimes, games can be more than something we just do for fun? Read on to see the top 5.

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Root1966d ago

I would have to go with NaughtyDog...they make some fantastic quality games

I would of said Valve but the whole "Valve time" thing is getting beyond a joke now, especially with how long it takes them to release Half Life.

zeal0us1966d ago

What no EA or Capcom, comeon bro get with it /s

zeal0us1966d ago

As usual some of the people on N4G can't take a joke or don't understand what "/s" means :(

aCasualGamer1966d ago

I wouldn't have given it to Rockstar. Releasing basically the same games over and over again doesn't render an award for best developer this gen. Although, the games they release are really fun and rich in content, their games don't define gaming.

Quantic Dream should win the contest hands down, for redefining the term gaming and immersion. I mean just look at Heavy Rain. You can't help but get emotional and this from a videogame. It's incredible how a man's vision could turn the industry upside down. There are alot more devs who are willing to go for the more emotional and innovative route after they've seen David Cage do it. After Quantic Dream it's a close second from Naughtydog for Uncharted 2 and how they redefined the term cinematic experience.

3-4-51966d ago

half life is overrated.

Maybe the story is cool, but if you take that long to make a game then your doing many things wrong and aren't as good of a dev as you think you are.

I like Steam and it exists really because of Valve....but nobody gets a free pass ever.

Kurt Russell1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Half Life is certainly not overrated. Very few 3D games can be played a DECADE after their release and still better a great deal of the current competition.

I took Gordon through his 2nd campaign again earlier this year... It's amazing.

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Walker1966d ago

1. Naughty Dog
2. RockStar
3. Valve
4. Bethesda
5. Irrational Games

ExCest1966d ago

Bethesda is pretty crap if you realize that their games are always filled with bugs. They make fun games but they're really bad at making them and releasing them mostly polished.

Oh_Yeah1966d ago

I wonder why? Could it be that they develop the biggest most content packed least scripted games on machines with a measly amount of ram and low end gpus? Once you look at it realistically they surely belong in the top 5. I think we're all in for a treat next gen when they release Fallout 4...will see the polish.

Campy da Camper1966d ago

Sucker punch. Infamous is awesome.

omi25p1965d ago

Naughty Dog over Rockstar? Nope, Uncharted 1 was great but not perfect, Uncharted 2 was pretty much perfect, Uncharted 3 was a rushed and terribly written mess of a game.

Rockstar have created the best games this generation.

Grand Theft Auto IV: Best Free Roamer
Red Dead Redemption: 2# Best Free Roamer
Max Payne 3: Best Third Person Shooter with best physics
L.A Noire: Incredible facial animations
Midnight Club Los Angeles: Best Car Customization
The Lost & The Damned, The Ballad Of Gay Tony, The UnDead Nightmare: Best Downloadable Content.

ROCKSTAR: Best Developer Last Generation and This Generation.

caseh1966d ago

I'm gonna throw a curve ball and go with Sega. I'll still say ND, Bethesda etc as well but primarily Sega

Resonance of Fate, Yakuza, Binary Domain, Valkyria Chronicles. Silly amount of time spent on each game, more so than the likes of Fallout in some cases surprisingly.

zeal0us1966d ago

I have to say Binary Domain was a good game. I put tons of hours into the SP campaign. The v/o, story, weapon system and characters were great.

The only thing I didn't like about Binary Domain have to been the enemies. The robots in Binary Domain just wasn't something I took serious. The robot in Vanquish seem far more deadlier imho.

Inception1966d ago

Don't forget, Sega also publish Bayonetta, Vanquish, and Condemned (loved those games). So, in some way i agreed with you about Sega. But too bad Sega ruin their own good record with Golden Axe: Beast Raider, Alien: CM, and a couples of crappy Iron Man games. Also, there's no Shenmue 3 / HD collection, no new Panzer Dragoon, and lack of lozalization for Yakuza HD - Yakuza 5 - Valkyria Chronicle 3 made me dissapointed with how Sega handle their own big franchise :(
Hopefully, Sega will fix their own mistake in next gen...

fsfsxii1966d ago

Sega games that gets a release outside japan get horrible sales, at least, most of them.

OT: Best dev has to be Kojima Production, they did MGS4 and MGSPW, both amazing games, the level of story and polish is beyond anything i've seen.

majiebeast1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Rockstar games all have the same baseline gameplay drive around,find the npc,mission briefing with cutscene,drive to the mission,kill the target/do the objective and finish mission.

GTAIV is as overrated as Skyrim and so is RDR all 3 of these games get so repetitive 3/4th into the game. Hardly games deserving of number 1 developer spot.

Harmonizer1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Would have been better to make a list of best 5 studios instead of this. Mixing publishers and developers is confusing or is it just me?

Im gonna make a list of the 5 studios i really liked this gen:

1. DICE (Mirrors Edge, Bad Company, Battlefield)
2. Relic Entertainment (Dawn of War, Space Marine,Company of heroes)
3. CD Projekt RED (Witcher)
4. Rockstar North (GTA 4, helped on RDR and MP 3)
5. Valve (Half Life, Portal, L4D)

surgency1966d ago

Fellow PC gamer :)

I agree with CD Projekt

This would be a hard list to build but I know that CD Projekt and Naughty Dog would be on it.

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