Reasons Why Nintendo Wii U Has Failed Miserably

With the recent Just Cause dev stating they will not develop for the Wii U in the foreseeable future, the Wii U has hit the bottom of the tank. Nintendo has lost its mojo.

It is sad to see a once gaming giant like Nintendo down on the dirt, like Nintendo is right now. Nintendo’s problem was that they took the easy way out and, focused more on little kids and grandparents, and all this talk of family gaming. What happened was Nintendo became a fad, everyone got tired of it and is looking to find another thing that excites them. But guessed who remained? The hardcore game whom Nintendo lost for selling their soul to the casuals.

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NYC_Gamer1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

It's Nintendo fault because they only build consoles with 1st party studios in mind

RyuCloudStrife1966d ago

that's true and the Wii U hardly has any 1st party titles also...

1966d ago
BullyMangler1966d ago

poor fanboys. the wiiU is infant, and will unintentionally destroy the ps4 and 720 regarding sales and game-changing gameplay just like the winer wii did to 360 and ps3 < fact

truth hurts huh

Zuperman1966d ago

Wii U = Wii HD = 2004 = OUTDATED

Shok1966d ago

"The wii u is weaker than systems that were released over 7 years ago."

LOL! The internet continues to make me lose brain cells.

darthv721965d ago

i must have missed the part where its a requirement to not only surpass the specs of your previous system but also everything else on the planet.

Seriously people. Fun and entertaining games can be had on lesser specs.

The problem is the games not the hardware. It needs more of its own games but promoting the fact it can play all existing wii games wouldnt hurt either.

Keep in mind that the 3ds was in the same situation. People who bought one when it came out were using it more for ds games than 3ds ones. until....the good 3ds games came to market and then there was a shift in development that carried with it the shift in consumer purchasing.

People say it was the price cut that made the 3ds sell. It 'helped' get it to be seen by those who were in the market for a ds. It is still the games that really made it sell.

The tough road ahead is convincing those who bought the wii to trade up to the wii-u. As it is now, cutting the price by at least $50 and making it the only choice for consumers to pick on store shelves would change things dramatically.

Yes that would mean nintendo pulls the wii hardware completely but they can still sell the accessories and the games as those work on the wii-u.

you eliminate the confusion, you see the sales increase.

LOL_WUT1965d ago

It has failed in both 3rd party and first party. Nintendo has not been able to secure 3rd party support and has failed to have a proper line up since launch and don't get me started on the hardware. ;)

1965d ago
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BosSSyndrome1965d ago

Maybe that's why their first party games rock so hard.

ChickeyCantor1965d ago

Is that why indie developers love it?

rickmodus1966d ago

I wonder...why is it that when a Nintendo article contains bad news all of a sudden everybody starts bashing? I saw a couple of good Nintendo articles containing good news for Nintendo and reactions are nowhere to be found.

Ck1x1965d ago

That's they way it is with internet sheep, they are so quick to follow that they don't have any original thoughts to themselves...

PopRocks3591965d ago

That and there are people who just like to hate stuff.

1965d ago
JuleyJules1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Who wrote this? Nowhere did Nintendo say they are not going to E3 or that they have no games to show! Nintendo said they are not doing a big press conference at E3. instead they are doing several smaller ones including one on Tuesday, June 11th. They are talking to press for half an hour then showing the GAMES that are coming out and they'll be playable too including Mario Kart, 3D Mario and others perhaps Pikmin 3, WW HD, Bayonetta or X. I'm sure there will be others including ones we haven't heard of yet. I do agree that to this point they are hurting but they've also said they are going to have a marketing blitz from E3 to the end of the year. We are 6 months in to this console. If it was longer it would be more of an isssue. There are 3 3rd party games coming out in May, Wario in June, Pikmin 3 in July and maybe The Wonderful 101 this summer too. Yes, they should have done more to advertise now but hopefully they are about to make up for it starting when they ARE AT E3 this June. I wish people would get the facts right before writing articles such as this. Furthermore, the Wii U is NOT weaker than the PS3/360. It would be good if people would get that straight too. I'm sure it took developers time to get to making fantastic games on PS3/360. I'm sure as the consoles went on games got better. Is that true or are games from day one on those systems as good as ones released today? I'd be surprised if they were.

rickmodus1966d ago

Totaly with ya JuleyJules.
people are forgetting the way they play games is thanks to Nintendo. I think people are kinda scared, because only a company called Nintendo dares to do stuff like this. you will see after this e3 companys will copy as they did over the years.

JuleyJules1966d ago

I also hope that after Wii U picks up (after the 1st party stuff starts coming) that developers change their tune. I have a feeling that, opposite of now where the bitchin' is there are no games, it'll be 'slow down with the games! We can't afford to keep up with the releases!'

Besides, Nintendo made this system. I'm sure Nintendo knows how to get the most out of it so I think people will be surprised with Zelda, the next Metroid, F-Zero, Bayonetta 2 etc.

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