Has the world ended? Earthbound is coming to the Wii U

Some gamers have waited years to play Earthbound. The re-release of Earthbound for the Wii U Virtual Console is coming in 2013. What does it mean? Will the price drop on the physical game? Will Wii U sales start to pick up? GoozerNation looks at all of this and wonders what this means for the future of other rare games and re-releases.

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generalthadeape1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Wouldn't it be awesome to see these classics remade instead of just being rehashed over and over, instead?

Nintendo seems to be cashing in on these franchises with minimal effort instead of making them "fresh" and "new" again.

Don't get me wrong, this is great news for Nintendo fans-- I just wish these guys could release something that I can't already play on my android phone or PC, that's all.

I believe that the rarity of this game, in its original form, will still make this title "worth money" to many collectors.

Perhaps even more people will try to get their hands on it once they get a chance to play this awesome game on the Wii U.