Help Us EA You’re Our Only Hope For Good Star Wars Games

With the news that mega-publisher Electronic Arts has gained the rights to develop Star Wars games in a multi-year exclusivity deal, the Daily Reaction double team of Seb and Dan discuss what it means for the games industry and nerdom’s biggest IP. - PSLS

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Wedge191960d ago

I'm optimistic for what EA's teams can do with the Star Wars name.

alexcosborn1960d ago

Me too.

Cautiously optimistic.

Tales RPG addict1960d ago

agreed cause Craptivision would have ruined the franchise with a Bajillion sequels that are all the same shit. Cough COD Cough

dbjj120881960d ago

Is Kaz giving us Yoda's middle finger there?

Nitrowolf21960d ago

Do not question Kaz methods.

doctorstrange1960d ago

When 900 years old, you reach… Look as good, you will not.

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