Spore will Fail - "gaming's Titanic"

Gameplayer have analyzed the prospects of upcoming Will Wright evolution Sim Spore and determined that EA should be prepared for it to fail - comparing it to the Titanic. This article gives an in-depth account of why.

"Here's the long and short of it: as a result of many reasons we will detail below, Spore has plonked itself right between the mainstream and the gamer audiences, but could end up attracting neither."

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The gaming GOD3893d ago

This game might fall under the "TOO ambitious" banner.

And given the complexity of this game. The casual gamers just might be put off no matter how simplistic this game's setup might be. And part of that is because it borrows elements from so many other pc games and meshes them into one huge experience.

The idea is wonderful. But way too massive for the casual gamer.

And even the hardcore gamer might not initially pick this game up. I hate to admit it, but the consoles have indeed taken some (not all) of the pc gaming fire. If this game comes out in '08, it will have to compete with both 360 and the ps3 line ups, which happen to be damn good.

And if this game somehow falls into the '09 category, it will run the risk of being forgotten. Just look at duke nukem forever. When Duke was first announced, everyone was screaming for that game. Now look at it, Duke Nukem is hardly a blip on the gaming radar these days.

Basically, in my opinion, it's now or never for spore. And even if it does come out in 08 (which I doubt), they'll be coming out during a heated time in the console wars.

And with people being pressed for cash more and more nowadays, you can bet the masses will go to console gaming rather than pc gaming. And the worst part is, pc games aren't marketed at anywhere near the level that console games are. So this game can easily just come and go without a lot of people that wanted it even knowing about it

SlappingOysters3892d ago

Spore must be released sooner rather than later. Especially now that The Sims 3 has been confirmed for 2009.

They should have just kept their mouths shut on The Sims 3... it's not like the game needs any hype to sell.

VigorousApathy3893d ago

I read the article but it was just a guy coming up with as many reasons as he could think of that the game might fail. So I'll just pretend he means that Spore will become as famous as Titanic.

The gaming GOD3893d ago

he didn't have to go THAT far. Comparing it to the titanic is a bit extreme

Phil Harrison Mk43893d ago

That ship should say 'xBox 360' on it!!! ;-D

Jinxstar3893d ago

Meh there are games made for casual and hardcore that work. Look at World of Warcraft... As long as they do the promotions right this game will do amazing. Otherwise I think it will just do ok...

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