PlayStation 4 And Next-Gen Xbox Games Won’t Appear On Wii U Because Duh

FleshEatingZipper writes: I don't know if you guys have noticed, but media outlets are, again and again, reporting how various studios will be unable to bring their next-generation efforts to the Wii U. Somehow, people have some kind of expectation that graphics engines that are being optimized for hardware ten times as powerful (I'm just spitballing, but considerably faster) as the Wii U will fit on the Nintendo console. This isn't news, but the fact that it's being reported (and re-reported) is blistering my mind.

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Neonridr1562d ago

Wow, what a ridiculous article. Nobody ever said that they expect PS4 type visuals on the Wii U. But a game that releases on PS4 could also be released on the Wii U if the game engine that it is being developed for is scalable. In which case all the next gen engines are as they plan on releasing for as many consoles as possible and even mobile platforms.

Sure the Wii U version will look weaker in comparison, but naturally the hardware pushing the PS4/Nextbox is considerably more powerful than what is in the Wii U.

But that doesn't mean that games won't exist on all three platforms. What a dumb thing to suggest.

PopRocks3591562d ago

The Wii U came out a year prior with tech focusing on its controller and streaming content to it. Of course the graphics won't be on par with the PS4/Nextbox. For starters those platforms have four times the RAM.

But to say the Wii U can't have some nice looking games is pretty underhanded and naive. Not fantastic or on par with the PS4, but if Need for Speed proved anything it's that it can have some games that at least look better than what we have now.

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gamer421562d ago

@Skarlett I would have taken you more seriously if you didn't say the wiiu was weaker than the Xbox 360

chadboban1562d ago

I would've taken it seriously if they

1) Didn't use the word "extremist" in every sentence.
2) Didn't act so damn paranoid all the time ("Mind games" seriously?).
3) Didn't troll so freaking often.
4) Didn't have to create a new account all the time under a different name because they are constantly spouting the same crap all the time and eventually always get bought down to one bubble anyway.

Muffins12231562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

Yes a next gen system plays a last gen game better than last heard it here first folks!

kayoss1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

You read the article? It's not talking about nice looking games, it's talking about ports. Ps4/720 games porting to wii u. The article is not saying the wii u won't have nice games, it's is saying that thesenice games won't be ports from ps4 or 720. Yes comparing need for speed that came out for the ps3 and 360 a few years back make everything logical. It's like comparing god war hd released for the ps3 to the original god of war that was released on the ps2. If you're going to port a game to a stronger console, it better look a lot better when compared to the older console. Most of wii u "nice" games will be from first party and exclusives.
I'm not sure if developers can't scale down to port for wii u, I think they don't want to spend the time or money to do so.

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Ju1561d ago

I don't know where the problem is. Maybe just the headline. Because we can easily extend this and say "Playstation 4 and NextBox games won't run on WiiU, PS3 and 360" which will still be true. To some extend I guess it's easier to make those games run on the PS360 because the engines are already there, but even this will not last forever. Some game will just be exclusive to next gen consoles. And WiiU isn't one of those.

Campy da Camper1561d ago

I'm a ps3 guy and will be getting g ps4 day 1. That said, I love Nintendo 1st party. I will be getting a Wii u at the next price drop. Ps4 for my 55 inch led TV in my living room with 6.1 surround sound for the infamouses and unchartedes that will be coming out and the Wii u for my 43 inch plasma in my bedroom for the Mario and Zelda's that will be coming out. Hardcore marathon gaming in living room, casual gaming while laying in bed.

God I love being a bachelor.

_-EDMIX-_1561d ago

something like scalability is just one factor, did you take into consideration that next generation games what take full advantage of the extra RAM that are on the system's? so if one of the keys designs in the game that I'm making is having 8 gig of ram how on earth can I port such a thing to the Wii U? another thing to note is why would any company waste of time trying to make their engines scaleable for a single system that isn't even profiting for them? for example you could make an engine that could be "scalable" on the Wii like the unreal engine or something but... why would you?

I noticed that you didn't see Bioshock or Mass Effect on the Wii, well technically the unreal engine is scalable even on iPhones.. but you don't see Bioshock or Mass Effect on the damn iPhone. it's not just about the scalability of the engines. the Wii U will get left behind just like the we did even 100 million units going to get games like Bioshock Mass Effect Assassin's Creed what have you on the Wii I'm not sure what's going to get anything on the Wii U it's going to be essentially the exact same situation like last gen.

get ready to get left behind. nobody is going to be bending over backwards pulling teeth and walking through glass to get a game to work on dated Hardware in that situation hell they might as well keep making ps3 and xbox 360 games. to say but "what if the engines are scalable?" is like sitting there with a Playstation 3 and 360 begging the question of why those games aren't being released on your system and just disregarding the difference of power. to ask for Wii U to be supported is like trying to ask for PlayStation and 360 to continue to be supported.

all while completely disregarding the CPU power all while completely disregarding the RAM and GPU powers. the next generation of gaming is about advancement not making engines to be scaled back for a single system that can't get it together. it's almost like trying to ask why the Ouya is it getting battlefield 4 as if we should be jumping through hoops to get it to work on a system that didn't meet the industry's standards for next generation material. its pretty much like me making a Sega Genesis releasing it this generation and asking " um why is a battlefield 4 on my system you guys could make it scaleable?"


The problem has little to do with power and a lot to do with architecture.

This gen we had seen devs trying their best to make engines that could work on such diverse architectures but still the results weren't always the best and the development costs were raised considerably.

Next gen the two major contenders are going with a very PC like architecture so it's possible to assume (repeating, this IS an assumption) that many devs won't care to make their engines available on WiiU if it don't get more sales... They could save a lot of money making engines that are only scalable within more similar hardware (PC, PS4 and next Xbox).

jmc88881561d ago

People forget that more ram doesn't mean better graphics. 8 GB's is also overkill for the lack of power the PS4 will have, including the other thing people forget, some will be walled off for the OS.

So in reality the PS4 will have probably 6 GB's available for gaming, of which it can only really use 2-3 GB's properly. Oh there will be uses for the other, just don't expect it to make the 'graphics better'. It's also only going to be outputting 1080p at most for gaming.

Also when it comes to game engines the problem is people don't understand that the game engines these games will run on are already here. They made these engines with the 360 and PS3 in mind, so how they are 'being held back because of a single console that can't get with it' is a really stupid comment. Crysis 2/3 and Battlefield 3 were on 'next gen engines'....that were putting out games for the 360 and PS3.

So yes these engines have a wide range. That's why you'll have some of these engines able to still put out games for 360/PS3, a better version for Wii U, a better than that for the 720, a better than that for the PS4, and then a couple notches better than that for PC.

What these people don't understand is ALL consoles are getting lower grade graphics compared to a PC, so it's always funny to hear on one hand Sony fanboys (that's separate from Sony customers because I am one of them) who use the 'elitest' comments to PC gamers and start using the graphics isn't everything label when they compare their PS4 to PC or that the PS3 still hasn't been tapped out....but on the other hand will bash the Wii U.

The Wii U isn't powerful, because even the PS4 isn't really powerful. But both have the power to play some really nice looking and fun games.

Some CEO's of moronic wall street corporations make idiotic moves, here's a hint, almost all their moves are idiotic...learn that now and you'll be ahead.

I have to laugh at the 'ram powers'. There is now power associated with ram. Yes the 360 and PS3 will be supported for years. In FACT there will be some great games that will ONLY come out for the 360 and PS3 when the 720 and PS4 are out, just like some games only came out on PS2 when the PS3 and 360 were out.

They already MADE the engines scalable. Then you look at the whole situation like a little kid....comparing Battlefield 4 on a Ouya or Genesis.

Guess what the MORE platforms you can put your game on......the more you sell.

Are companies in the business of selling their product? Or are they in the business of acting like a little kid?

So these companies made a business decision (actually one of the few that makes sense) to have engines that are capable of going from 360 to PC and everywhere in between, as well as being open ended at the top.

That's why you'll have Unreal 4 engine games on the PS4 utilizing some but not the full Unreal 4 (because PS4 is not powerful enough...even at just 1080p max).

I just feel it's really funny watching people make so many errors. Ram is not power. All consoles in hold back PC graphics, especially in generations that are starting off a couple years behind what their last version started off at. (i.e. brand new tech in 360/PS3 versus a couple years old off the shelf lowish to medium end parts for 720 and PS4). That gaming companies make their engines only to specific power requirements and that it should be to a console and not PC if they are looking for powerful graphics? I mean c'mon people. So many easy errors.

DragonKnight1561d ago

I really hope that devs don't go for parity this gen. Because if they do, we're all going to suffer because of the Wii U.

Shnazzyone1561d ago

Lol @ the phrase, "Wii U extremists" . That Skarlett, The word "special" comes to mind.

Gaming1011561d ago

It depends on who the game is being marketed to. Believe it or not, Nintendo isn't marketing to an identical audience of Sony or Microsoft, they have their own audience, filled with a loyal fanbase, and a ton of casual gamers.

If I'm making a game that doesn't fit into those categories, then I'm not going to waste dev time and money making a game that isn't marketed to Nintendo's core market. It just doesn't make sense. Activision tried it with Call of Duty on the Wii and look what happened, it was garbage, and you'll be seeing a lot more garbage on the Wii U, particularly when you compare it to PS4/Nextbox.

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Nitrowolf21562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

I get what you're saying and agree, however I see the Wii U becoming the Wii like this generation.

It seems that when the Wii U was announced, third-parties had it's back but nowadays we keep hearing them saying things against it, even saying they won't support it or at least can't. Like DICE saying frost isn't supported on it, no Unreal Engine 4, Just Cause Wii U kit collecting dust, ect ect.

I'm not saying that they can't dumb down the games, I'm just saying that it looks like support is dropping and fast.

It's like developers are developing for the PS3/Xbox 360 again with the Wii U only a bit more power. Why bother when they have something more powerful coming in the next few months.

kayoss1562d ago

Actually scaling Down is possible. Not sure if this is a good example though. Ps3 games porting to ps vita.

Irishguy951562d ago

Scaling down is only possible to an extent. The WiiU will be the same as the Wii/ Gradually Ps4 and 720 will become 'minimum' in terms of scaling down and PC will leave them behind again. Either you have developers limiting themselves to the Wii's hardware or limiting themselves to the Ps4/720's hardware. That is the way it will be.

rick1woller1562d ago

yes allright we heard you

TFXR1562d ago

It's not that ridiculous. It's easy to scale up, it's incredibly difficult to scale down. Games that are being written to take advantage of the PS4 or Xbox 360 - and look/act the part - will be impossible on the Wii U, even if you scale down.

Neonridr1562d ago

Check out Infinity Blade on Apple devices. It's Unreal Engine 3, they were able to scale it down to mobile. Unreal Engine 4 is scalable, Epic has stated that many times, because they plan on using these engines across as many platforms as possible.

So you are saying that Frostbite 3 is scalable enough to work on the 360, but for a system that is more powerful in the Wii U, it's not scalable? That statement in itself is ridiculous.

TFXR1562d ago

I'm not DICE, they said they couldn't even get FB2 working on the Wii U, which is perhaps an architectural issue as much as it is a horsepower one.

PopRocks3591562d ago

Give me a break. You can't seriously be naive enough to believe that. If the 360 can run it, so can the Wii U, end of story. This has to do with poor relations between EA (which owns DICE) and Nintendo, or perhaps even a lack of effort on DICE's part.

Their interest is in the dedicated hardcore crowd which is mostly fixated on the 360 and PS3, so of course they're not going to make a game with as slow a start as the Wii U. Don't make this a power issue when it isn't.

showtimefolks1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

Say whatever you want about EA they are one of the biggest publishers in gaming and have huge number of excellent IP's and when wiiu was announced their CEO was in the stage but where is the support. EA and Nintendo have a bad relationship Nintendo needs to do whatever it takes to fix that

I think it's just down to which publishers we are talking about and most of the times it will be ports done

UBI is really good when it comes to Nintendo
Capcom will provide some support
Activision will
SE with some games will

EA won't
Take Two wont
valvle won't
Crysis team that also owns home front won't they love high tech
Cd project won't
Just Cause developer won't

These are some of the publishers developers I remember from top of my head and all those are my guesses.

It's not as much about the install base as people make it out to be, if that was he case wii would have gotten all games in lower resolution. It's more about the long history of Nintendo home consoles not being able to sell 3rd party games. Nintendo exclusives sell just fine but many if not all Nintendo ans don't buy other games. People buy Nintendo consoles to play Nintendo 1-2nd party exclusives

Wiiu should have been called WII2 or WIIHD and should have come out in 2010 like Patcher predicted now its stuck in middle again. The messag Einstein clear to consumers and my that I mean those people what don't visiti gaming sites and aren't as avid gamers as we are

Wii pretty much sold itself and I think Nintendo was banking on gamepad selling wiiu like iPad sells so well but it kid of back fired. Now you have a system that isn't truly next gen it's just above current systems

Also don't think of wiiu just for 2013 or 2014, my question is when ps4 and next Xbox are fully utilized 2-3 years down the road wiiu will look even more obsolete

I hope ext time no gimmicks and Nintendo just goes for as truly next gen tech system

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RAFFwaff1561d ago

why should nintendo bow down to ea? its obvious that they gave nintendo an ultimatum: use origin, or else.... They are trying to put the squeeze on one of the longest serving and innovative games companys on the planet, and i think even non-nintendo fans need to back nintendo on this if they care anything for gaming and see ea as the corrupt company it clearly is. Cant we gamers unite and value integrity more than corporate greed and a publisher trying to control the entire industry?

showtimefolks1561d ago


I didn't know if EA was trying to force N into using origins. But if that was the case I don't think it's a bad a idea. Think about it, Origins is a established service that offer a lot of games so wiiu from day one could have had that advantage of getting all those games

But I also understand Nintendo's side that they would like to establish their own service and rightfully so but that also means starting from ground zero when they could have learned from PSN and xblive and given us a system where things that work on both PSN and xblive are freed from day one

Also wiiu was rumored to be coming in 2010 so if Nintendo knew about all that why didn't the development start on a lot of games? Look at sonys ps4 showing and just look at 2-3 big games just from Sony itself which are expected to come around launch

I will tell you one thing, we the core gamers know what is what, but wha a casual gamer or soccer mom walks not a bestbuy or GameStop which systems do you think the workers will suggest? Something that just came out in ps4 and Xbox720 or a 2 year old wiiu. When most of their kids friends would also be playing either on xblive or PSN

And one last thing you said Nintendo innovates and that's way overaredt but you nintndo core fans. Nintendo uses a lot of gimmicks to sell their systems, now to you those things might be innovation but to me and many items its gimmicks

Navick1561d ago

@ Nintendo loyalist

Just open your eyes. It's a real problem...

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

yeah when a game uses 6gb+ ram on ps4 they will scale it down for wiiU? lol who want to buy that port?

3-4-51561d ago

Wii U can compete for a few years because of the 1.5 GB of ram they can use compared to the .5 now.

Games will look upgraded from what we have but eventually far behind what PS4 / nextbox will be.

jairusmonillas1561d ago

Wii U can only use 1GB Ram for Games. PS4 can use 7GB Ram for Games.

Wii U only has 3 cores, PS4 is going to have 8 cores.

BosSSyndrome1561d ago

Uh-huh. And Ps4 is gonna have to spread its 4 megs of cache over 8 cores while Wii U will give 3 megs to 3 cores.
That's a plus for Wii U JSYK.

CEOSteveBallmer1561d ago

Yes It depends on the engine involved if it "is" scalable to low textures, polygons, effects etc. Here is what I think. I'll take the Wii as an example. There have been games on the PS3 and 360 that is also on Wii but with dumbed down graphics and there are very few of them. So I think you do know that porting a dumbed down version of a game takes Time, Money and resources. Look at almost multiplat games. RE5 was not released on wii. Assassins creed was not released on Wii, Deadspace,Mass effect,Battlefield, and so on. Why?? Because It will be a pain in the neck for developers and publishers to "Recode" and dumb down all aspects of the game. Imagine Far cary 3 on Wii, How much polygons will they take out so that it will run on Wii. and Wii is just slightly more powerful than the PS2 and gamecube. So I think it will be the same scenario again when PS4/720 games comes out.

Knight_Crawler1561d ago

@Neon - So in other words...developers will need to severly gimp a game in order to cater for the Wii U fanbase -_-

How about no.