Remember Me CGI opening movie - is CGI still relevant

An introduction sequence from Capcom's forthcoming Remember Me, highlighting the issue of relevance for expensive CGI scenes.

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RaidensRising1965d ago

In before the feminist brigade states that the opening totally sexualizes the main character. Stay classy Capcom.

Heavenly King1965d ago

I think that in order for that to happen the character would require to have a better design, because she looks almost like a dude.

UnHoly_One1965d ago

You must know some REALLY feminine dudes.

Heavenly King1965d ago

CGI does not help any game game specially when the game looks like crap; because there is too much contrast between in-game graphics and the CGI graphics; and that breaks the experience.

WeAreLegion1965d ago

I guess it depends on the game. Naughty Dog's in-game cut scenes already look like CGI. Many games like Half-Life 2, Bioshock, and God of War do fine without cut scenes...opting, instead, to keep you in the action while they show you the story. (Yes, I'm aware that God of War has cut scenes, but it's pretty much just at the beginning and end. Most are interactive.)

It worked well for Darksiders, since the graphics could not match the gorgeous art style of the cut scenes. I think this will be a thing of the past, come next generation.

CGI will always have an advantage, for obvious reasons. However, I see many studios moving over to in-game cut scenes next generation.

Godz Kastro1965d ago

I think we are at a point where graphics are good enough to use in game assets.

Bercilak1965d ago

I'd prefer to do away with CGI entirely in game advertising. I prefer to see what the game looks like in action if I'm being asked to part with my money.

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