Evolution Studios on PS4: "The power is just there, all very accessible right from the outset"

Evolution Studios’ tech director Scott Kirkland believes that it will be much easier to develop games for the PS4 compared to the PS3.

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WickedLester1960d ago

In before "Oh no that means first generation games will be as good as it gets in the graphics department."

RyuCloudStrife1960d ago

Yeah PC games don't know what optimization is.

JAM_brz1960d ago

this means that in the future we won't have a big leap between games in "2017" compared to the firsts games made in the next gen.

DA_SHREDDER1960d ago

It will definitely be easier to program games without restrictions. We are gonna get bigger , better games, faster than ever before. I can't wait till next gen.

HyperBear1960d ago

This Fall/Winter Gaming Season is going to be EPIC!
33 Days till E3!!!

DivineAssault 1960d ago

i cant wait to see how PS4 handles games & the new OS.. 8GB of ram should be evident right away by handling operations quick & smooth..

This is good news to hear that theyre using all the extra time they have to polish games even further.. They got the game together already & now they can just perfect its visuals & performance..

psoomah1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

That logarithmic performance extraction curve tells me the PS4 (and probably Xbox Infinity) graphics will already be so mind blowing and stunning by E3, Nintendo will probably just skip an E3 presentation to avoid the embarrassingly unfavorable comparison. Oh yeah ...