Idea Factory working on PS4 game, Soul Sacrifice changed Vita plans

A couple of tidbits came out from an Idea Factory interview with Famitsu magazine.

The company that develops Hyperdimension Neptunia and Mugen Souls is working on a PlayStation 4 title.

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sherimae24131966d ago

thanks to ss then....
hoping for more vita support from you guys! ^_^

fsfsxii1966d ago

More games coming to PS4, PS3, PSV

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MasterCornholio1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

This is crazy its like everyday a new game gets announced for a playstation.

Well Sony did say it was all about the games and looks like its true.


LOL i just got my copy of Dragons Dogma and Dark Souls today. I would love to see a Dark Souls type game for the Vita.

izumo_lee1966d ago

I would really love to see IF's Vita games be localized like Monster Monpiece which i hear is really good despite the 'sexualized beast characters' :p

I recently platinumed Neptunia V which i thouroughly enjoyed & i look forward to see what they come up with on the PS4. IF is one of the few Japanese development teams that still stick to their roots & although they may not get the recognition that they deserve at least some of us are glad they did.

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