The Next-Gen Share Generation: Does PS4's video recording tech pose a risk for PVR manufacturers?

VideoGamer: "Will next-gen consoles spell the end for the capture device boom? talks to video solutions companies Elgato and Roxio for their take on the next-gen tech."

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LightofDarkness1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Considering the sucky nature of most PVRs (looking at you, Hauppauge): good riddance.

But they'll still have an over-abundance of Youtubers using their devices anyway, you can't play every game on PS4 and not everyone will want to. It also depends on the kind of restrictions we'll see imposed on this feature.

Septic1961d ago

I've got a Happague HD PVR and I see myself ditching it if the Share feature records voices too.

DeadlyFire1960d ago

This won't get rid of them. There will be limits with this stuff on console tech. So PVR and such should still be the 2nd option.

Hazmat131961d ago

COD vids, COD vids everywhere....

famoussasjohn1961d ago

a trick shotters wet dream. Nooooooooooo.

Tonester9251961d ago

720 No Scope!!!!!!!!!!!!!

famoussasjohn1961d ago

Has Sony said exactly what it will record at in terms of quality? If the quality can be on par to what PVR's offer such as 1080P and 60FPS, then that would be pretty awesome. Also having the option of being able to store on the HDD and copy it to your computer for editting purposes would be a bonus.

MikeMyers1961d ago

I'd like to know the quality as well and if it notifies you right away what you can record and what you can't. Will it also be easily accessible through the cloud?

MasterCornholio1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Nope but you can see the video quality from the Shadowfall gameplay demo on facebook which was uploaded via the share function.

famoussasjohn1961d ago

Ah sweet, thanks. I'll check that out when I get home.

dcbronco1961d ago

If it's a threat depends on whether or not rumors of the HDMI in on the 720 are true. If it can replace a DVR, Motorola is in trouble. Their DVRs are terrible. If the 720 can replace it for a annual Live fee, I'll turn in my cable box. That saves me $16 per box per month. It's more than $16 for a multi-room DVR. Even at $15 a month for a subsidized 720, it's a good deal.

GalacticEmpire1961d ago

How does 'HDMI in' replace a DVR?

dcbronco1961d ago

HDMI gives you the best picture. If the 720 is a DVR(rumors have said it is) it could easily replace Motorola DVRs. Plus would save so much money if the only thing needed is Gold.

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