Sony has removed the developer fee for PlayStation Mobile

The fee was previously £65, and now it means that anyone can create PS Vita (and the various certified Android device) games with no charge other than the hardware and software you’ll need to create them.

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nyobzoo1959d ago

That's cool of Sony to do that but even the cost of £65, I don't think is going to sway anyone away from not making games for Playstation mobile if they were already planning to

rainslacker1959d ago

True, but it can get someone to try it out, possibly with a smaller project or a port. Many indie devs are low budget, and often times the people making them can be on very tight budgets.

When I was in school I had a couple projects just for iPhone, and even that $99 was a small barrier.

The less resistance, the more likely devs will use it.:)

FragGen1959d ago

Agreed. I personally am a technical professional who would consider knocking the dev tools around and possibly creating something but not if they cost money, since I would not be looking to create a career out of it. I'd be looking more at porting an existing open source project or small original project or something.

So I'm interested in learning about and possibly producing some mobile software but I was fully aware that I can get the android tools for free (and I have set them up, etc). So before now, if I wanted to scratch that itch, that would be the only platform I would have looked at, this gives another option and I'm more passionate about the vita than I am my phone.

rainslacker1959d ago

I played around with it during the beta. By the time it went live though most of my time has been pre-occupied with other projects. For the time being I wouldn't be looking at it for any sort of sustainable income, but I do have a project I was "porting" from XNA that I would like to complete and possibly release.

The potential for growth on PSMobile is pretty large right now. Might be kind of a strike while the iron is hot thing. I'd really hate to see it become really diluted like the iStore/Google markets though, so hopefully there will be better QC.

r211959d ago

This means anyone can make games for the ps vita and mobiles. Holy crap.

caseh1959d ago

Your comment sums up the good and bad of this in a single sentence.

What I take from it: Brace for the flood of 100 sh*t games and 1 gem hidden (a la Android market)

What other take from it: Amazing, more games

As long as theres a way of filtering out the sh8t i'm all for it.

southernbanana1959d ago

This is awsome for developers. The Vita is a great platform and I hope this helps it to succeed. At the same time it is also a bad sign for the Vita. Hope this helps pick up support because the Vita is awsome!!

joeorc1959d ago

"At the same time it is also a bad sign for the Vita. Hope this helps pick up support because the Vita is awsome!!"

This i doubt, really would be bad for the PSVita it just means more games and applications. remember trophies and cross game support is coming to playstation mobile games also.

all the while PSVita longer development cycle ip's that take longer to develop will still be released.

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