Dead Space 3 is the latest game to have officially failed

"It had co-op and cover-based shooting, but Electronic Arts' flailing attempts to make Dead Space 3 "appeal to a wider audience" apparently failed. Visceral's latest game now joins Tomb Raider, Hitman: Absolution and Resident Evil 6 as the newest mainstream game to have failed its masters."

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MilkMan1750d ago

Keep it going folks. Hope you got a good stable of games ready for when this industry implodes.

Blacklash931750d ago

Hopefully these big publishers and studios realize these sales expectations are absolutely loony and shift their development efforts and budgets accordingly.

There is something seriously wrong if a game selling millions of units and is still considered a commercial flop.

zerocrossing1750d ago

If we're talking about EA, I wouldn't hold your breath.

Reibooi1750d ago

I agree. The sad thing is it's always these huge publishers that get annoyed with a game not selling 10+ mil. I mean SE with Tomb Raider and EA with Dead Space 3.

Bottom line is that most publishers or developers would be thrilled to sell the numbers these games have and would consider doing so a MASSIVE success.

But if this big companies are flat out not making money then something is wrong. They need to bring the cost of the games down and in turn make that few million look better to them. Or if it's just greed and they want every game to sell CoD numbers then they are flat out insane.


They will never realise, never....

The writing on the wall could not have been any clearer.

It's not like they were not told by the fans, they were, but they just tried to justify what they were doing to themselves and make it out like its going to make the game better.. who did they think they were fooling?

For me personally DS3 is the most painful example of everything wrong about games this gen. The reason being that the original DS was and is still my favorite new IP this gen. The setting, the story, the gameplay elements etc..

I loved every second of that game and till now it's my most played single player game. I think I finished it like 6 times. Most games I will finish once. An exceptional game I may play through twice.

It could have been the survival horror king of this gen, but it turned itself into one of the many generic games that would rather be more "accessible" instead of being true to itself and what it originally stood for.

ok, maybe i am being over the top but it just F1£^k's me off just thinking about it.

Will they learn anything from this, prob not!

zeal0us1750d ago

"There is something seriously wrong if a game selling millions of units and is still considered a commercial flop."

This is what happen you shove tons of money to into a game. The more money that used to fund the game, the more units are required to sell. In order to get a profit or at least cover the budget of the game, these games have to sell ridiculous amount.

Blacklash931750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

The worst part is that not only are games getting harder and more costly to make, they're generally becoming shorter and of less value at the same time.

And when you put more money on the line for a game, the more you need to appeal to broad, mainstream crowds. And that just bleeds out the creativity and risk-taking the industry needs. Dead Space 3 here is a textbook example of conforming for the sake of profit.

These videogame engineers should be put to more focus on making lasting engines and renewable tools that can be utilized across multiple games. Finding effective, yet less expensive forms of advertising. More emphasis on the uniqueness and inventiveness of titles instead of pouring money and staff into pretty graphical effects.

Lowering development costs and promoting innovation is what will make for a sustainable AAA market, not these colossal-budgets or blockbuster-shooters and their imitators.

Davoh1750d ago

I miss the PS1 console generation, game devs were popping up everywhere, nobody cared about having the best graphics and game devs could release weird and niche games without the risk of financial ruin.



Yup, maybe I was just too young to care but back in PS1 days I wouldn't ever hear about game sales comparison... The most we would see were a top 10 games sold (ever, year, month, whatever) list on some magazines... Some. Most wouldn't even bother reading it. I remember the argument with friends about which platform, game or character were the best, but I cannot remember anyone ever mentioning sales back in the day.

zme-ul1750d ago

don't forget they pay the dev team by metacritic's ratings ... what the *****

Kurt Russell1749d ago

I bought it this weekend, now I feel like a failure :(

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Tapioca Cold1750d ago

I thiught the game was fun. played with my friend and had a blast. isn't that all that matters.

kupomogli1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

It's all that should matter, but this is the internet. If your opinion doesn't align with the others you're talking to, then your opinion is wrong.

It may have been more shooter than the first two but it was still a good game I though. They even have other modes like classic and survival once completing the main game. They probably should have included these modes at the start rather than making you finish the game, for those that want a harder game, why not just play the extra modes.

Root1750d ago

Good....they ruined the franchise

zerocrossing1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

The worst decision they made other than a game breakingly poor attempt to work in a coop campaign, was removing the "Space" from Dead Space and having you treck around an ice planet, the claustrophobic emptiness and isolation of space was what made the original games scary to begin with IMO.

Through the entire game I kept waiting for the scares, I waited and waited and then, the end credits rolled...

Root1750d ago

I know...same here

I'm actually glad some people voted with their wallets....there are times when you get really proud at the gaming community.

May aswell kill the franchise then ruin it with each instalment like RE when that went the action route

SonyPS41750d ago

I voted with my wallet. I bought DS 1&2, but not the third, and never will buy it either. The first was great, the second was good.

trenso11750d ago

Couldn't agree more it deserved to fail after what they did, i was so excited for dead space 3 until i saw how much they ruined it.

caseh1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Tomb Raider and Hitman failed?

They both shifted approx 3.5mil units, each...SE projected higher sales so apparently this = fail. Talk about greedy.

You wanna see fail numbers, look at any game Sega releases outside of Japan...thats what a fail looks like.

Kyosuke_Sanada1750d ago

Yet Yakuza 6 has a higher chance of being made instead of another Dead Space. Funny aint it?

Baka-akaB1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

i dunno why people pretend there is a trend and relationship between what happened for those SE/eidos games (unrealistic projected sales) - games that were highly successful - and Crysis and Dead Space 3 literrally getting their fans angry for the most part , and growing distant with the franchise , while gained no new fans .

It is a completely different case . Topping a chart when there is no other major release is no feat .

aliengmr1750d ago

I wouldn't say the Total War franchise has failed.

caseh1750d ago

Its probably not failed as such, I guess different companies have different ideas on what a fail is. But compared to some of the bigger franchises like CoD, Sega barely sell as many units across multiple franchises as CoD does in a single release:

Binary Domain: 0.24m
Vanquish: 0.36m
Yakuza 4: 0.88m
Valkyria Chronicles: 1.11m

Each of these games are some of the best i've played this gen. Its no wonder they have been focusing on Sonic games, those are the only ones that shift numbers to match the likes of EA and SE.

aliengmr1750d ago

I'm sorry but using COD to measure success is a scary concept to me.

The issue is "railroading" a franchise into having to achieve sales it simply shouldn't have to achieve with bloated dev costs.

I guess the better question is did those franchises actual profit. COD is an extreme outlier.

chasegarcia1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

I think it is better to expect the average game to sell 1 million copies instead of 5 million. To keep development & marketing cost in check.

Ulf1750d ago

These games spend FAR too much on advertising. The impact of it is NOT effective enough to outweigh, and more than double, the development investment.

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