Trolling Videos: The Death of Credibility & Good Taste?

Gamer Euphoria writes:

''The Youtube ‘gaming’ section has long been in decline in terms of quality. If it’s not a big Youtuber suddenly deciding they like video games all of a sudden, it’s some awful coverage of games with misplaced lingo thrown in. It’s a sorry state, and its even impacting the actual industry (see Toby Turner’s car crash presenting at last year’s E3), but a new trend is rapidly on the rise, and it directly affects popular games and their communities.''

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ACESupERIC1897d ago

The talking trolls don't bother me.That's what the mute option is for and I use it liberally. Its the ones who will join your team and block your movements or destroy your equipment that really piss me off. The best solution is to play hardcore (if your on cod) so you can just shootem. Only trouble with that is you'll get kicked for team killing when its totally justified. There needs to be a kick system in every multiplayer game so this childish nonsense can be stopped.