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Submitted by Smurf1 933d ago | news

Announcement about the future of Gran Turismo on May 15

GC - "It seems a new Gran Turismo will be revealed on May 15th as Sony has started sending invites." (Gran Turismo, PS3)

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izumo_lee  +   933d ago
Oooh Yeeeah!!!! Congrats on 15 years of excellence Kaz-san & Polyphony Digital!!!

Exciting to hear what the future has in store for this long storied franchise. Wether it is on PS3 or PS4 or perhaps even both i can happily say i will be as well as the millions of GT fans out there....DAY F*CKING ONE!!!
Minato-Namikaze  +   933d ago
Is this a GT event or the 2nd PS4 event?
izumo_lee  +   933d ago
I believe it is just a GT event. A franchise as big as GT can handle an event on its own if you think about it.

Besides it's taking place on a race track which screams GT only.
Lior  +   933d ago
GT5 was a little shabby compared to my all time favorite GT3
Blackdeath_663  +   933d ago
GT event since its at the silverstone circuit. would be pretty weird to hold a ps4 event on a race track
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abzdine  +   933d ago
Future of GT? Sounds like a PS4 episode to me!! This is gonna kick ass really bad
Chris_GTR1  +   933d ago
well now that its not being developed on ps3 (thank god). it shouldnt get delayed over 3 years like the last one.
Dee_91  +   933d ago
GT6 was in development since gt5 finished.And ps4 devs kits wasnt out yet.So if anything,if they did stop developing it on ps3 and started developing for ps4 it would cause this delay you say gt5 had.
nothing you said made sense.
nix  +   933d ago
just GT.

plus one thing i really want in GT6 is the "City mode". Yamauchi always said that he wants people to be able to drive in a city like maps where they follow traffic rules etc etc.. i hope this time he's managed to implement it.

and a Vita version please. q:
Minato-Namikaze  +   933d ago
Oh ok, i cant enter the site because i'm at work right now and plus there was a rumor that sony was having a 2nd PS4 event to steal away some attention before MS's nextbox reveal. I figured May 15th would be a ideal date if the wanted to do that.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   933d ago
Actually, if the idea were to steal some attention back for PS4, it would make more sense to hold thei even right after MS's, not before...

But hey, before or after, I wouldn't complain either way. Yesterday I just saw Playstation Brazillian event (they're finally making PS3s in here) which revealed some stuff about PS4 too, like that it will be released in Brazil the same day as in USA and the rest of the world (yup, Mark Stanley, Latin America head of SCEA, just confirmed worldwide release), which was great but also just let me wanting to know more about PS4.
jerethdagryphon  +   933d ago
thell announce that there changing the vettel challenge times to fit vettels real times of 50 seconds :(

or gt6 hopefully the later
izumo_lee  +   933d ago
If i was Vettel i would jump at the opportunity to work on a GT game again. When he was doing all that GT promotions he breezed through the F1 championships. All that training on the Redbull racer probably came in handy.

GT6 news probably or knowing Kaz he might announce that al the cars in GT5 will be turned into premium models :P
kneon  +   933d ago
Driving the redbull cars is more likely to be detrimental to your driving skills than they are to help you.

Once you come to grips with the speed they are actually much too easy to drive due to the ridiculously high downforce. They are much more forgiving to drive than an F1 car.
piroh  +   933d ago
what about Vita?
Conzul  +   933d ago
...a common lament.
Maddens Raiders  +   933d ago
And so it has begun. Sony is here.
DoesUs  +   933d ago
They've been here for a while Madds. This is Antan btw ;)
showtimefolks  +   933d ago
Ok Sony I put side $200 for limited edition now make it happen

I hope GT implements some cool community features that forza has, I believe forza can learn from GT and GT can take few things from Forza

Don't give us 100 cars
Just Don't, we don't need gimmick to buy GT since we know its a great series

400-500 premium cars with a lot of verity from all regions of the world
Improve the career mod
Improve online
More customization options

May 15th marked on the calendar

Also it would be smart to release this on OS3-PS4(even if its a port of ps3 to ps4 with some improvements, but maybe that's why There is drive club for ps4)

I am predicting it here and now that GT6 will be the most sold GT game of all time, GT5 did over 9 million(a number provided by Sony in 2012 so now maybe it's over 10). WIth ps3 install base between 75-80 million and the install base has grown a lot since GT5 in Europe so GT6 could do huge numbers(I said Europe since GT is huge over there)

Either way can't wait
GoldPunch-TR  +   933d ago
GT6P for PS4!!
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medziarz  +   933d ago
No Prologue this time! ;P Just GT6 on PS3, this year or March/April 2014 :D
DownNotOut  +   933d ago
but not January/February lol
josephayal  +   933d ago
I wonder how long we'll have to wait for a PS4 GT
berndogskate  +   933d ago
Imagine gt6 on the ps4 as a launch title
Minato-Namikaze  +   933d ago
No reason to have both GT and drive club as launch titles. GT will come to the ps4 around 1 or 2 years into it's life cycle.
Salooh  +   933d ago
No reason ?. It's funny how you guys want gt6 on ps3 soo bad instead of a next generation GT which would be at least 3 times better then current generation version..
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PirateThom  +   933d ago
Drive Club isn't a Sim though.
extermin8or  +   933d ago
I think mid- to late next year we'll see a prolouge GT out of them, maybe GT6 on ps3- GT7 prolougue on PS4 then a couple of years till the full thing :p I also expect a GT vita to be announced...
Tei777  +   933d ago
I think GT6 will come to the ps4 too. I expect it to be released spring 2014 for both ps3 and ps4.
kneon  +   933d ago
From a Drive club article today

- Not a simulation-based racer
- Damage cars take won’t determine how they handle

They are for different markets. I was really interested in Drive Club before I found out it's not sim racer.
SoapShoes  +   933d ago
Kneon - That's how I felt about Project Cars too when I learned it was only going to be a sim/arcade hybrid.
Talamak  +   933d ago
I hope that this new GT is on PS4....
medziarz  +   933d ago
I'd rather have GT6 on PS3 - the tradition calls for two GTs on a single console. Plus Polyphony has a lot to make up for GT5's shortcomings.
SegataSanshiro  +   933d ago
Just admit that youre butthurt that your precious ps3 is not going to last another 300 years
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   933d ago
im predicting late 2014 for ps4
Salooh  +   933d ago
I love when they say the future :)
Blinding_Solo  +   933d ago
Bring it on Yamauchi!!!!! Make our eyes explode lol
It was explode in a positive way. You guys are lame lol
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mercyme   933d ago | Spam
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   933d ago
the cars already look real, but we need even more premium cars with real cars sounds. The thing what they really can focus on, is the environments, it need a lot more work.
jay2  +   933d ago
Would be more excited if it were a s4 exclusiveve
KentBlake  +   933d ago
I think they'll announce GT6 for PS3 for 2013 and will release it for the PS4 in the near future, but I don't think it will be a launch title (mostly because Drive Club is already there).
Half-Mafia  +   933d ago
I hope its for PS4, but I can understand if its for PS3. So they dont have to remodel all the cars again with higher polys.
Swiftcricket  +   933d ago
I believe the cars are modeled at a way higher poly count than PS3 can even handle then adjusted so I doubt that would be a problem. I'm hoping for a cross-gen release so everyone can be happy.
shikamaroooo  +   933d ago
It doesn't seem right announcing a PS3 game right now. So GT6 for PS4!!
Walker  +   933d ago
all hail the king . greatest racing game is coming !
NBT91  +   933d ago
I wander what else besides GT6 could be announced?

I still haven't given up hope for Tourist Trophy 2 yet XD
mrmarvel29  +   933d ago
Im hoping for GT6 for ps3 with cross-buy for the psvita!!
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GABRIEL1030  +   933d ago
GT6 for PS3, Vita and PS4. :)
KentBlake  +   933d ago
That would actually be awesome.
RevXM  +   933d ago
I would love the announcement of GT for Ps4.

And I have a little wish list:

1: Faster and better UI ingame.

2: No standard car BS.

3: More consistently detailed environments.

4: More parts for tuning purposes, and the posibillity to swap engines and perhaps drivetrain so that a FWD can become a RWD or AWD.

5: Serious damage simulation and physics.

6: Make the cars respond like real life, GT5 didnt care much for how I clutched or geared vs my real life car.

4: More realistic looking people.
RevXM  +   933d ago
Those who disagreed might want to tell me what is wrong with my wish list, what else would PD change or add?
Doesnt it give you a good illusion that you are inside a real car thanks to awesome driving physics by the accurate calculation of things Like aerodynamics, weight, tires, suspension, power and drivetrain? isnt there plenty of content like tracks and cars?

Im sure the most potential lies in improvements elsewhere cause I can pick from what??? 1000 cars? and they all seem pretty real apart from a few minor things and damage physics. Just my two cents...
sprinterboy  +   933d ago
I think PS3 owners and future PS3 purchases would be more than happy with purchasing GT5 as its always being updated and still plays and looks awesome, I think it will be a PS4 release.
SDF Repellent  +   933d ago
It is a PS3 release. There are always 2 GT per sony system, GT1 and 2 for PSOne, GT3 and 4 for PS3, and GT5 and 6 for PS3. GT7 on PS4 will probavbly be released in 2016 or 2017 judging from the development time of GT5.
SoapShoes  +   933d ago
Lol, let me educate you!

GT4 - Late 2004
Tourist Trophy - 2005
GT HD(idea scrapped in favor of GT5) - 2006
GT5 Prologue - 2007
GT PSP - 2009
GT5 - 2010
GT6 - 2013???

Plus any other unannounced plans they have. As you can see it wasn't 5 straight years of GT5 development!! They had other games and other ideas in between. Now go tell me development time was long after that...
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Reborn  +   933d ago
It's coming. Pay attention to the ending.
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despair  +   933d ago
Thing about that is I saw 3 empty spaces after 5 so I'm thinking GT6 PS3, GT Vita and a third one probably for PS4 but not in the same timeframe as Drive Club as to not fight each other for sales.
SandWitch  +   933d ago
So it's pretty much official.

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despair  +   933d ago
Like I said before there are 3 flashes of underscores at the end of the teaser, so I'm thinking 3 games, PS3, PSV and PS4 ones.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   933d ago

So now the question is what system will it be for? PS3 or PS4, or maybe both?

I wouldn't exactly rule out the chance of it being for PS3 because it could be the final huge title for the system before the PS4 is launched.
arbitor365  +   933d ago
i hope to see GT6 and GT vita
GamingManiac  +   933d ago
Nice Birthday present for me :D
hennessey86  +   933d ago
Way to busy
On iracing to play arcade games like gran tourismo.
DoesUs  +   933d ago
Busy enough to post on here? At least get the name right.
DoesUs  +   933d ago
GT6 Demo (one track, five cars) at PS4 launch. Full game launch fall 2014.
InTheZoneAC  +   933d ago
hopefully it won't be so limited like GT5 was...
C0MPUT3R  +   933d ago
I'm a big GT fan since the original, and for me to get excited it has to be on PS4.
If it is on PS3 I won't buy it. PS4 Day 1.

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