Game Dev Tycoon reviewed: Less “indie innovation”, more “Zynga appropriation” (

Greenheart Games’ debut title Game Dev Tycoon has received a lot of press lately, primarily for their inventive and undeniably ironic cracked release where piracy ends up bankrupting your fledgling game start-up. The company, started by brothers Patrick and Daniel Klug has set out with a mission to “develop games that are fun to play instead of mind-numbing money-grabbers”. An honourable endeavour – but how does the actual game fare?

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hay1930d ago

It is unfortunate, got the game the other day and hoped at least for a good Game Dev Story rip-off with some nice elements and just a tiny bit of innovation or freshness. Went back to play the original for the fourth time. Price is ridiculous too, 8 bucks, while original is selling for 2.50.

It's not a game but overpriced plagiarism IMO.