Media Create hardware sales (4/29 – 5/5)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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bicfitness1088d ago

Guess 20K is the new Vita baseline. Not bad. Some more killer apps (don't care what IGN says, Soul Sacrifice is one - almost 300K in Japan and probaly 450K or more WW) and they'll be fine.

r211088d ago

I think vita sales will remain at 20K+ for quite some time. To my memory, there's not much coming for it till Dragon's Crown. I hope im wrong though.

YoloSwag1087d ago

I doubt the Vita will stick to 20K+ next week considering this Golden Week has been disappointing for it. The Wii U's currently in a worse position though.

badz1491088d ago

it's good that the momentum is now with the Vita but kinda sad too at the same time! kinda reminding me about the time when I bought my 1st PSP over there, white in color, in 2005, several months after it was launched. The PSP will always be remembered just like the PS2

TheLyonKing1088d ago

Still a slump the Japanese need some games to stimulate things *cough* FF versus and KH collection *cough*

T21087d ago

Lol one out of 250000 people bought an xbox.

Hicken1087d ago

Some people don't luv your Vita, apparently.

sherimae24131087d ago

its fine, they can hate all they want.. like i care ^_^
happy gaming!

knifefight1087d ago

I love both of your Vitas, and I adore my own Vita as well.

I do admit, however, that I fail to see what this has to do with the weekly Media Create sales. ^^; Seems a bit off topic.

KingofGambling1087d ago

great respond there sherimae.
what games are you currently playing on your vita?

daclynk1088d ago

Good numbers for all. 3ds is a beast. love my 3ds. Wii U slightly up.what cos that with no software out. wonder why.

knifefight1088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )

Golden Week, which is one of the 5 highest overall sales weeks in Japan (most years). A boost is virtually guaranteed for most new/recent systems.

izumo_lee1088d ago

Golden Week is kinda like the Japanese equivalent to Black Friday. Excellent numbers all around but not as big as i thought it would be considering the holiday.

Dj7FairyTail1087d ago

4900+ is slightly up what in the world are you blind

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