EA’s Unprecedented Partnership with Nintendo and Other Fairy Tales

Jonathan Suedmeyer - Ricard Julianti’s third opinion piece looks at the fable that is EA, and how the company is full of lies, deceit, and BS.

EA recently came out and said, “We will not be releasing a Wii U version of Madden NFL in 2013. However, we have a strong partnership with Nintendo and will continue to evaluate opportunities for developing additional Madden NFL products for Nintendo fans in the future.”

Madden is one of the biggest sports IP’s in the industry today, along with NCAA Football and FIFA, yet EA isn’t developing a version for the Wii U. We have no official word on NCAA and FIFA yet, but all signs are pointing to those not arriving on Nintendo’s console either. If you have several multi-million dollar franchises, isn’t releasing them on everything available the smart thing to do? Especially if you have a strong partnership with one of the oldest gaming companies still in existence? Something here strikes me as…..odd.

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zerocrossing1895d ago

Interesting, I was wondering why EA wasn't planning on releasing any of their up and coming games on the Wii U, looks like we mite know why that's the case now.

showtimefolks1894d ago

Yeh lets hate on EA, I for one like them because unlike a lot of big publishers they actually try new things and game some risks

Their partners program is great for independent developers

But if you have been gaming for 15 plus years than you know 2 things for sure

EA likes Sony a lot since original playstation, their relationship with Nintendo has always been bad

Nintendo home consoles are bought for 1st and 2nd party titles, you don't buy a Nintendo home system to play 3rd party games that's insane

EA few E3's also promised support for wiiu but than the system came out and did quite poorly, now they see the specs for ps4 and future Xbox system and look at wiiu as an obsolete device and their thinking isn't Wong say whatever you want but Nintendo systems don't sell 3rd party games as well as their own exclusives

I am tired of hating on wiiu but I mean come on, didn't Nintendo learn anything from ps3-xbox360?

Where is their online structure? Didn't they lean from start of PSN and an established service like xblive? Why do we have to start from scratch again with anther system? Why couldn't Nintendo look at offerings of other system and at the very least match those from day one?

Also why were the actual specs of the system better? Did Nintendo really expect to compete with future playstation and Xbox With a console that was barely better than the current systems?

Nintendo wanted core audience with HD console offering and casuals With gamepad which resembled iPad but in the end atleast fun until now they haven't been able to get either side to really get on board

CD Project
Crysis developer

Are some of the main publishers developers who won't be supporting wiiu anytime soon.

Say whatever you want about EA but they own a lot of development teams and control a lot of IP's so they are very important to gaming industry, now we may not agree WTH a lot of things or their practices but they also do some things right

zerocrossing1894d ago

I disagree, EA is one of the "worst" publishers in the history of the gaming industry.

Pretty much every new and innovative IP they buy up ends up getting watered down, casualised and/or just plain bastardised in order to appeal to the masses, Fifa, Dead Space, Mass Effect, The Sims, Rock Band and Assassins creed to name just a few, each one of these game franchises has suffered a bitter demise purely due to EA's crapy business ethics that put maximising profits ahead of creating enjoyable quality gaming experiences that appeal to the core fanbase.

EA is under no obligation to develop for the Wii U but I'm sick to death of hearing all the rumours and misinformation being spread as to why they suddenly chose not too, EA knew well ahead of any of us what the Wii U could and could not do, if they had issue with the console being under powered they would have taken that into consideration before announcing that they intend to start development of their games for the Wii U.

It's more than likely that the Wii U's online infer-structure conflicted with EA's pursuit to incorporating DRM into their next gen games, so they decided to opt out of developing for the Wii U and make up some BS to justify it.

3-4-51894d ago

They try things? like what?

ThaBlackBaron1895d ago

This article is the 100% truth! ea is full of $h*t!

jcnba281895d ago

This is ridiculous, EA blatantly lied to everyone's face at E3 2011.

miyamoto1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

So did Nintendo with their empty promise of EA partnership. Its them who made that showing.

MasterCornholio1894d ago

Well Nintendo made a lot of promises with the Wii U and so far they havent been able to keep them.

For example Nintendo promised future Wii U owners that the PS4 and the 720 would be similar in spec to the Wii U. Nintendo also promised that the system would receive heavy first party support from the first day that it releases. And Nintendo promised that the Wii U would be swarmed with games from 3rd parties.

They broke their promise on the systems power, heavy first party support at launch and so far it doesn´t appear that the Wii U will have a strong library of 3rd party games.

Im pretty sure that Microsoft and Sony will make some promises and break them like all console manufacturers but the promises that Nintendo broke are quite severe and can be considered another case of false marketing. Like what Randy Pitchford did with Aliens Colonial Marines for example.

Realplaya1894d ago

So it's Nintendos fault that they can't force a developer to release there games that were promised on the system?

@ MasterCornholio what lie did they tell? they went after third parties who at the time were applauding the system. The system is as powerful as they said it it is also they can't force a developer to give us games unless they pay them to release a game that might not sale.

Magnus1895d ago

Wow EA really blew smoke up the consumers ass with the Wii-U promises. I think EA should have released the Mass Effect trilogy on the Wii-Uthen the sales figures wouldn't be so low. Honestly I bought Mass Effect 3 for $20 new and bought Mass Effect 1 on the PSN I finished Mass Effect 2 on PS3 saw no need to re buy it. Lets just hope EA pull their head out of their ass and begin holding hands with Nintendo again and play in the sandbox again. EA not tapping the Wii-U with games does hurt the fans but releasing shotty versions of games also hurts the fans.

Baka-akaB1894d ago

Even with the trilogy instead , the mere fact that it ran as badly , framratewise than its other consoles counter part is a nail in the coffin imo .

The added stuff wasnt even appealing to boot . a map really ? When most times the landscape is a two forked corridor and you'd rather not constantly be reminded of that ?

Gimmick touch stuff and weapons muffled sound coming from the pad ?

mii-gamer1894d ago

Great article. The truth should come out soon

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