Lego Games - What's their secret?

Words by Nate Largent:

LEGO are as much a part of childhood as naps, tantrums and watching the same movie over and over. Most of us built houses, trucks, and monsters using the little colorful cubes and more than once were scolded after Mom or Dad stepped on a random square and hopped up and down in pain. Back then, LEGOs came in a random box or tub, with very little direction other than “Have fun!” As the years have gone on, however, LEGO has collaborated with various licenses to create more specified playsets as well as jumped into the world of videogames. LEGO games for PC began being released back in 1997 with Lego Island and continued for several years. Then in 2005, Traveller’s Tales released a game that combined LEGOs with one of the most beloved franchise in the history of the world, LEGO Star Wars on Xbox, Game Boy Advance, Game Cube and PS2. The game was immediately a hit with gamers and children alike, crossing over to almost every demographic in gaming.

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