Game Revolution: Army of Two Review

Game Revolution writes: "Partly schizophrenic, borderline homosexual, irreverent and offensive if taken seriously, funny and easy to hang out with if you're drunk, Army of Two is as delightfully confused as your average fun-loving American frat boy.

As a third-person shooter, Army of Two plays about as well as can be expected. Of course the aiming is clunkier than first-person shooters, but the over-the-shoulder perspective allows for a decent view of the action. Taking cover usually means ducking behind the liberally dispersed blocks and fences, and once in cover an unobtrusive "sticky" mechanic lets you blind-fire. Each kill gains you money, and money can be spent on new weapons or ridiculous upgrades for old ones. In terms of basic mechanics, Army of Two is a keg of Natty Light, no surprise at a frat party, but not something anyone can really get excited about."

+ Cooperative silliness
+ Aggro system
+ Decent mechanics

- Serious/Comic story
- Annoying main characters
- Short, with padding
- Stupid computer friend

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the CPU partner was really helpful with me