1UP Reviews MLB 08: The Show

1UP writes: "In baseball the slimmest of margins separates the game that leads off the night's SportsCenter from a routine day at the park. With skill and practice, the two-out full-count pitch just catches the corner of the plate -- the inning ends, and it's party time. But let it fall off just a hair and the batter takes his base. Worse yet, let it float into the zone and he breaks into his home run trot. Not long after, the manager reminds the team how well they played, and that it's a long season.

That lesson should not be lost on MLB 08: The Show. Sony's effort for the PS3 baseball season falls a little short of winning the big game, but it puts in a solid 162-game performance. It makes a strong impression out of the box. As the camera sweeps in for the pregame commentary of your first game, you'll notice that each major league park has been lovingly re-created. And many players will probably stop to marvel at how lifelike the players look as the leadoff hitter steps up to the plate".

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Blademask3923d ago

MLB2k = All problems overlooked to deliver a B (Even t hough the average is below 75%)

MLB08 The Show = All the problems underlined to deliver a B-.

Why is this? The show hasn't had any scores under 80%. 1up is the first.

pizzavideogames3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

X-Play gave it a 3 out of 5 and they scored 2k8 a 4 out of 5.

kenjix3923d ago

1up lost rights to get review copies to any of Sony's sports games, and for the most part the review Garnett Lee bleeds green and doesn't play sports games.

It's pretty obvious that these guys are not reviewing games to provide honest reviews anymore, they have an agenda.

Lifendz3923d ago

I heard Garnett bishing about how much of a sim it was and how he just wanted to play an arcade like baseball game once in awhile. He took points off for the game not having an arcade mode. Meanwhile, Hilary Goldstein of IGN stated the game was uber addictive and that the sim aspect is what makes it good.

1up, you have a good podcast but I only look at Shane's reviews and even he's a fanboy.

Oh yeah, last podcast they stated there's a summer drought in games. Umm...for whom? I'll be playing MGS4 and probably GTA IV all summer. That's plenty for me.

doodle3923d ago

MLB 2k got B from 1up.that game averages at 75%

MLB SHOW avearges at 85% and gets 75% from 1up???????????????????

RB6 2 got 7/8/6 from many sites including 8.2 from IGN . 1up gave it 90+??????

HSG despite getting 80+ scores from most websites got an 80 from 1up????

They should rename 1up as M$ di** suc*** KING

whateva3923d ago

MLB 08 is the best baseball game I have ever played and MLB2k8 is like the worst I played. but 1up gave 2k8 a better score because the show is only on PLAYSTATION. SMH

Snukadaman3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

It got better scores on xbox because mlb 08 is a little choppy on the ps3 with framerates...and with better online which frankly isnt bullsheit...and one major gripe most people had was no rumble in the ps3 controllers that is used for both pitching and hitting....I will admit the show looks absolutely smashing..but I dont know how it plays offline or online so I wont comment on it.

PMR_213923d ago

MLB 08 : The Show supports the Dualshock 3 rumble functionalities. just stfu with your've said you didn't play the Show at all, therefore you have no right to comment about U dumb xbot

Snukadaman3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

thats why I commented on mlb friggan idiot..whats cant take bad news for the ps3...why dont you move along kid..the show might support rumble but mlb 2k8 does not...lousy droid. and I did say I didnt play it..exactly my point of not commenting on the your eyes jackass....

mistertwoturbo3923d ago

If this game was an xbox360 exclusive, I forsee an A+++ out of A+.

ikkokucrisis3923d ago

This is an example of why 1UP is going bankrupt.
The average gamer is smarter than these sites think and
as you can see, taking bribes never works.

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