The Oculus Rift At Work

We get to see how the Oculus Rift works on an up and coming game called Among The Sleep.

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Tacklebait1928d ago

I always wonder why articles like this aren't more popular. People always complain about lack of innovation. The oculus rift is innovation, and I believe it is the beginning of a new era of video gaming. Its not just prettier graphics, or bigger worlds. Its the first step into immersing oneself into all those worlds we love. VR while maybe not right at this second, will be a game changer in the future.

bumnut1928d ago

No PC articles are popular on here, console fans will pretend it does not exist or say it is garbage because it is PC only.

That's how this site works

I can't wait personally, but will wait for the consumer version which is rumoured to have a higher Res screen.

abradley1928d ago

Agreed. The Oculus Rift is the step in the right direction. Almost as if we are slowly working our way to a fully functional holo-suite. That will be the day gaming will reach every soul on the planet.

And Bumnut, a lot of us writers who post our stuff on N4G are big PC gamers. Maybe it's just the majority of the readers that prefer consoles, they are the majority at the end of the day.

T-What1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

I agree 100%, I have been watching this closely for some time and the more I see the more I want, this is innovation but sadly innovation is sometimes determined by the people who will buy it so if this does not catch on and sale, VR could take a massive blow:(

abradley1928d ago

Totally true. We've seen it in the past with motion gaming before the wii, 3D has tried several times to take off and failed in gaming. Oculus Rift seems to be catching on with the developers though, so I see them enjoying it and then in a few years when the price drops for an Oculus Rift set, we will be spoiled with playable games for it. Plenty of people bought the crap known as Kinect, why shouldn't they spend the same amount on a set of VR goggles?

cyril sneer1927d ago

I would love to see Dayz using this tech that's for sure.